My Article Read (2-24-2016)



  1. Trump trumps…w/update

  2. Conservatives ABANDON TWITTER to PROTEST their SHUTTING DOWN of right-wing advocates

  3. Actor Adam Baldwin Quits Twitter ‘For Good’ in Protest of the Platform Censoring Conservatives

  4. Trump train rolls to Nevada victory….

  5. T.J. Sotomayor has a thought

  6. Is the voter revolt unstoppable?

  7. How Cruz marginalized my support

  8. Interesting election dichotomy

  9. Ben Carson Says President Obama Was ‘Raised White,’ Can’t Identify With Black Experience

  10. Happy birthday, George

  11. HarsH ReaLiTy Has Moved!!!

  12. Prophetic Word: The Rise Of a Generation

  13. President Pleads Local City for More Gun Laws

  14. Ache

  15. 25 Tips You Need to Know That Will Make You Blog Differently

  16. Healthy Living Update: Why Playing the “If-Then” Game Will Crush Your Chances of Being Happy

  17. King Solomon, Donald Trump, Fair Trade Post Seven

  18. King Solomon, Donald Trump, Fair Trade Post Seven

  19. Freedom Nobody Can Take Away

  20. Bernie calls the Pope a Socialist

  21. Oh you’re teaching me a lesson big man.

  22. I’m Failing Too

  23. Failing

  24. The Apostle Paul as an Entrepreneur

  25. Onward

  26. Coffee Alternatives

  27. Rebel Rebel: Paul Newman in COOL HAND LUKE (Warner Brothers 1967)

  28. My best Friend’s Dad- And Now, Ebube (Scene 3)

  29. Disapproving Bun Day!

  30. Yep

  31. Share Your World 2016 Week#8

  32. Share Your World Week 8

  33. Snippet of The Day 02.24.16

  34. An Unexpected Night – Flash Fiction

  35. Hope

  36. From my heart to yours

  37. Wordless Wednesday and #LoIsInDaBlog – The Eye and Palette Town

  38. CATB: Fur galore!

  39. Menampung keinginan   (Accommodating the desire)

  40. The Senator’s Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Sahara Rose in iTunes

  41. No te enteras…    (Do not you hear …)

  42. Happy New Year 🙂 funny video

  43. Timeless

  44. 60 – USA, San Francisco, Justice, Apple, une aubaine pour le cryptage

  45. Libraries is our common soul

  46. Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: #17 Complimentary/Harmonious Colors

  47. People don’t choose to get hit by a bus

  48. Welcome to the War

  49. Beyond A Physical Relationship

  50. Entire staff at Krystal fast food restaurant refused to serve police officer – see what happened next

  51. America’s Ruling Class vs. All

  52. Faith Must Be Lived

  53. A True Friendship – Or Is It?

  54. All Eloquence Is Done

  55. VIDEO Rubio Campaign Effectively All But Over Now That He’s Gone to War with ICE Officer – 4 Losses To Trump


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