5 Things Christians Should do this Election Year

“What are your thoughts about a Christian’s role in American politics?” You said it all in your post. I totally agree with it.

Elihu's Corner


Let’s talk for a moment about those two taboo subjects: religion and politics. I’m not going to tell you who to vote for or how to vote. Nor am I here to relay all the evils of socialism or capitalism or any other ism. In our walk with God, all of our choices should be made based on what pleases God, not what conforms to the present culture.

Consider this question: What is the place of Christians in American politics?

I have seen two positions on this:

  1. Christians need to do everything they can to make the United States enact legislation that mirrors the Bible and work to include Christian teachings into public education.
  2. Christians should have no involvement in politics, Revolution, civil disobedience etcetera. After all, this world is only temporary, right?

Some may say that there is a middle ground, but they must be the silent majority (or minority)…

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