I Know I Am Late



I didn’t know I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Dale Cooper over at the “Diary Of An Internet Nobody” until two days ago.  I found his comment letting me know I was nominated in the spam comments.

I want to think Dale for nominating me. I enjoyed the way he had the nominees listed. Dale was very creative by doing this way.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that you can tell a lot about people from their taste in music, so instead of telling you a lot of useless facts about myself that you’ll instantly forget, I shall once again be employing the Tenuous Lynx principle, to connect my nominees to songs, bands or albums that I’m fond of, in the hope that you’ll discover something new and interesting to enjoy whilst perusing the blogs I’ve chosen.

This is how Dale had me listed on  his list.

4) My daily musing – ships, smiles and spirituality.
Connected to: Muse and my favourite track by them, “Plug in baby”…

I really enjoyed going through the list, Smile.



Tag the person who nominated you and thank them

– Answer the eleven questions you are given

– Nominate eleven new bloggers and tag them

– Give them eleven new questions to answer

– Notify your nominees


Dale didn’t leave questions for me to answer but in keeping with the theme of music on Dales award post.  Here is a couple of songs I like.


And three dancing ones.

I am not good at picking nominees but here are some great blogs to investigate.

  1. A Thomas Point of View
  2. The Falling Thoughts
  3. People and Hearts
  4. Welcome To Aussie Emus World
  5. Ms. Nightshade
  6. The Playground
  7. Fonz And Cancer blogging daily to encourage
  8. Edge of Humanity Magazine
  9. The Lonely Author
  10. Poetry by AJ O’Brien.
  11. Nareszcie urlop

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