My Article Read (2-22-2016)


Glasses, Coffee, Newspaper

  1. Irony Meter Explodes: Democrats Tell Republicans To Follow The Constitution…

  2. Popular Prophet is an Oxymoron

  3. ‘Attack of the Gender Warriors’

  4. Object to your country being invaded?

  5. NZ Herald recycles propaganda

  6. Live long and prosper

  7. Pinterest and silver…

  8. Clinton Buddies Up With Pro-Tehran Lobby For Fundraiser

  9. How Was Your Weekend?

  10. Just a Thought

  11. Requiescat in pace


  13. This Week We Finish Job: Monday’s Study

  14. 49 – Asie, Corée du Sud, Téléphonie mobile, Réalité virtuelle et accessoires   (49 – Asia, South Korea, mobile phones, accessories and Virtual Reality)

  15. Interesting post on Bible women

  16. leadership with dignity

  17. 2 kinds of homemade tortillas

  18. Six Word Stories – Dog bite Almost

  19. On My Bookshelf: The Black Death

  20. Worth the price

  21. Snippet of The Day ~


  23. To know how to read

  24. little dancing tonight

  25. Feline Investigation: The Making of a Feline Express™ Driver #Returntofield….Helping Savannah and Her Mum!

  26. Ivanka Trump – A Message For Nevada…

  27. G9P3A3, a personal experience of stillbirths and miscarriages

  28. A shadow of the past

  29. Fighting Leviathan: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  30. Who is your favourite Movie Pet? Plus your chance to win 3 months supply of IAMS pet food!

  31. NYC Was Cold

  32. Out of Africa by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Monkey of Sousse in iTunes

  33. Staying Home

  34. Reality Is Meaniepants

  35. Share Your World – 2016 Week 8

  36. Snowy, sunny,snowy,cloudy,sunny…

  37. Buying Cruelty Free: Physician’s Formula

  38. Norway – Magical winter

  39. One Week in Rio: Travel Report Part II

  40. Suffering From Pain? Suffer No More..

  41. I will send a surprise award

  42. 3 Unbiblical Lies That Will Make You Hate Socialism

  43. “Authority is all about Telling People What To do”

  44. The Obstacle To Humility

  45. VIDEO This time Trump – Lamestream Media: The voters must be dummies or racists – 34 Pt Lead in MA

  46. Monday Meet n’ Greet

  47. Sacred Sundays 2-21-16

  48. Prayers for the Earth

  49. “Get me out of here”!!!!

  50. Ukochaj milczenie   (beloved silence)

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