Links To Some Uplifting Posts (2-22-2016)



  1. How the Internet’s Sending Hope to People Recently Diagnosed With a Mental Illness

  2. Rescued Horses Have Fun Rolling Around In An Open Field

  3. Kindness Can Move Others to Kindness

  4. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Fly First Class

  5. 5-year-old girl saves blind grandmother after house catches fire

  6. A tocante recuperação de uma das crianças abandonadas na Nigéria por ser considerada “bruxa”   (The recovery of one of the touching abandoned children in Nigeria as “witch”)

  7. Why I’ll Always Remember a Waitress’s Small Act of Kindness for My Son With Autism

  8. What to Say to Death (Talking to my Dad when he could only listen) – By April V. Walters

  9. Caregivers.

  10. Rich people shouldn’t have to look at at homeless riff raff

  11. This Was His Christmas

  12. 50 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Week

  13. The need for Compassion (Comparison Cure #4)

  14. The Lucky Ones: Surviving Loss – By Stephanie March

  15. 8 Year Old World Changer

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