Pastor Wrinkles’ Quips & Quotes 2-21-16



Pastor Wrinkles’ Quips & Quotes 2-21-16

Hey there folks! Here is a challenge for all my Sunday readers. Every Sunday I will post one quip or quote that struck me during the week. You can join along in the quipping and quoting. Here is what to do:

Publish a post of your own, using one quip or quote that grabbed you during the week. You can add a picture to it if you like or even photograph the quote from it’s source.

This is the challenge from the Lillie-Put blog..


I fell in love with a quote yesterday.  It was beautiful and poetic to me. It was in a post by japfernandez titled Mi filosofía como escritor (My philosophy as a writer).  It was in Spanish.

“Escribimos para hacer soñar, para hacer pensar, para luchar contra lo injusto, para contar la verdad, para recordar y que no se olvide, para denunciar, para remover conciencias,…”   Camilo José Cela

Translated into English.

“We write to dream, to think, to fight against unjust, to tell the truth, to remember to remember, to denounce, to stir consciences,…”  Camilo José Cela

The quote explains the philosophy of a writer.

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