My Article Read (2-19-2016)


Dog, Glasses, Newspaper

  1. Sanders tops Clinton in new national poll…

  2. Pope is a Dope Alert: Claims Trump is “not Christian” for wanting to build wall on Mexican border…

  3. Perfidious, now rotten-to-the-core Albion:

  4. Proof Republicans are the racist party of White privilege

  5. Huckabee: Unprecedented for a pope to weigh in on election

  6. Chinese makes takeover bid of U.S. Military manufacturing equipment company

  7. Why Not Blog?

  8. Baby Sitter-My Short Story

  9. BLOG Giveaway: Enter to Win a Great Prize Package!

  10. Friday’s Study In Job And The Week’s Review

  11. 100 bodies in prison sewer: Grisly discovery, 100 mutilated bodies under prison

  12. Never Gonna Give You Up

  13. Abraham Dies, Genesis 25:1-18

  14. On My Bookshelf: The History of China in 50 Events

  15. The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 20/16

  16. When You Choose To Live A Life Less Ordinary

  17. De som  (The Closest)

  18. cold

  19. Varanasi by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Black Taj in iTunes

  20. Your Friday Art Gato della Via

  21. Greyscale Gallery, Toronto Downtown

  22. Digging Wells

  23. “You cannot be a feminist and A Christian?”

  24. Friday

  25. Disrupted Adoption, Part 1

  26. 10 simple food choices

  27. Life sign from Melanie!

  28. My Best Friend’s Dad- And now, Ebube (

    Scene 2)

  29. Where I want to be

  30. South Dakota, I Love You and I’m Not Giving Up on You

  31. Scorched – #Drabble

  32. Seasonal Picture

  33. Meningkatkan kepastian   (Increase certainty)

  34. My Thought of the Day – 2/19/16

  35. humor

  36. Elvira

  37. “I Am”: Jehovah the Self-Existing One

  38. What I had

  39. Season

  40. Flatworm Facts – Bizarre Species from the Sea

  41. The Night On Which No Morning Dawns

  42. Thanks for difficulties, scrutiny and Mrs. Harbuck

  43. By Whose Authority!

  44. Destin Nullifies Federal Transgender Mandate

  45. Tribute to Amy Tan

  46. Just sick of it

  47. Amid Growing Backlash Pope Francis and The Vatican Back Down Urgently – (W/ Viral EU Video)…

  48. Is It Okay for Christians to Drink? A Balanced Perspective!

  49. Take the Initiative Against Drudgery

  50. KY Gov. Matt Bevin Sues Planned Parenthood, Alleges Abortions Performed Without License

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