Caution signs, slippery pavement ahead

This could be a good idea. Put a warning sign on politicians “Caution of slippery politician”. I will leave it up to you. What do think?

Right Ring

Everyone has seen those signs ‘slippery when wet’. They serve as a warning on roads or public places. It’ sort of like “beware.” But now I can see another use for that signage. Caution of slippery politicians.

When a politician comes off looking slick or slippery look out — and he/she probably is. That sign may need to be applied at elections. Remember the infamous 5 o’clock shadow on Nixon, who was branded tricky Dick? It’s a visual that can turn people off.

A label as slickster can be hazardous to Republicans yet a ticket for success to Democrats. It’s attractive to Democrats. The minute someone appears as a slickster on the right, to a lot of people, it causes red flags and exodus. Dems can win with slippery like slick Willie, and hold them in high regard…. for as long as they can hold on to them.

So on…

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