My Article Read (2-13-2016)


Rose News

  1. Moments of Affection by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Osaka Time in iTunes


  3. 12,000 Trump supporters do the wave in Tampa…

  4. Ted Cruz Ad: It Feels Good to Be a Clinton

  5. He Lies

  6. ‘Stockholm “Attack:” Invented by Controlled Media

  7. Fancy a shrimp cocktail?

  8. Real power, unaccountable and beyond reform:

  9. ‘Twitter Is Gearing Up To Interfere In The Election’

  10. The Left’s Love Affair With Castro

  11. Happy Caturday — copycat edition

  12. Bret Baier: Voter Revolt

  13. N&F Presidential Poll #4

  14. Your enemies’ days are numbered!

  15. Germans come up with a hopeful Muslim proof toilet

  16. Spies Like Us: THE VENETIAN AFFAIR (MGM 1967)

  17. Locals fume as EPA reveals Gold King mine spill much worse than initially stated

  18. Lord It’s You

  19. Meet and Greet Weekend @ DBDO: 2/12/16

  20. My Valentine’s Day Post 2016

  21. Leap Day on Monday

  22. Love u all my frdsss

  23. Islamopolgist Police in Columbus Deny Jihad Motive In Machete Attack Despite Muslim Terror Threats…

  24. Just a Thought

  25. Joyful ‘Toons – Pardoned

  26. Online Issues – A Love Story

  27. #SoCS – Winter Tires on Deck

  28. Cee’s Weekly Wrap Up – February 13, 2016 and Travel Theme: Flutter

  29. Darling boy

  30. My Daily Walks 2-12 &2-13

  31. Unstructured Brainstorming is an Offense to Creativity

  32. Unstructured Brainstorming is an Offense to Creativity

  33. Snow again

  34. landing in the junk bin

  35. Sponsorship Opportunity @ HarsH ReaLiTy / Indie Authors

  36. Answers to the John Wayne Onscreen Death Quiz!


  38. The Misunderstood of Comfort

  39. Doctor Love

  40. #39 Purple heart cooking for love in all the rose places

  41. Cycles, Cultural Entropy and Faith

  42. motivation

  43. “Running from my demons”

  44. It’s All About To Change…

  45. Photography Challenge

  46. προφήτης   (Prophet)

  47. Revolutionary Times?

  48. When you are a writer you explore everything #amwriting

  49. James Woods calls out Chelsea Clinton’s story on why she left church at age 6

  50. . . . that Your hand would be with me . . .


  52. Animal Love

  53. King Solomon, Donald Trump, Fair Trade Post One

  54. Justice Scalia’s time has come

  55. Curry Turkey/Curry cu piept de curcan

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