What I View As Uplifting


Love Is

I consider the Bible uplifting. You can read through Bible, find people helping each other, showing hospitality, grieving for the lost, victory in one’s life. It give examples of kindness and compassion. Jesus is the biggest giver. He didn’t die just for ours sins in our place but he sets an example on how we should live. Jesus is called the King of Kings. One can call him the Leader of all Leaders too.

I didn’t want to talk about just about the Bible though it is a good start to learn about uplifting things. I wanted to talk about my views of uplifting. Some of my views go along with the Bible and others I am not sure.

Here are my views:

  1. Uplifting to me is showing kindness and compassion not just towards family but strangers like the homeless, a neighbor.
  2. Redemption is uplifting. An example would be a released prisoner going out trying to keep some youth following his example.
  3. Overcoming obstacles. Like a young man I read about who is in a wheel chair, found his dream job of being a basketball coach, someone turning a tragedy into something positive, a crippled person learning to walk again, etc.
  4. Encouraging, inspiring someone is uplifting to me. 
  5. People helping and saving animals is uplifting in my eyes.

I have a reason for mention this. I have been looking for articles, poems, Haiku  like these for “Links To Some Uplifting Posts”, “Uplifting Tuesday”, and kindness post. I have had problems with finding them lately. 

I am asking for help. If you happen to have a post like what I mentioned above and you don’t mind me giving a link to your post or/and using the whole post in “Links To Some Uplifting Posts”, “Uplifting Tuesday”, and kindness post. Please, leave a link to the post in comments, Please let me know if I can use it whole.

If you are wondering how I  do “Links To Some Uplifting Posts”, “Uplifting Tuesday”, and kindness post, here are some pages you can look to judge for yourself rather you want to or not. It shows how I do things.

  1. Links To Some Uplifting Posts (2-10-2016)
  2. Uplifting Tuesday-A Commanding Officer Wrote A Letter To Our Newborn
  3. The Story Of The Wooden Bowl
  4. Reggie
  5. Uplifting Tuesday-Olieng
Maybe I should make this a challenge to write once a week. I will be thinking on it, Smile.

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