My Article Read (2-12-2016)


Cat, Computer


  1. Friday Fun Video: DNC Chair Cannot Explain Why Their Nominating Process Is Not Rigged Against Sanders

  2. Mad, mad Britain:

  3. Simply brilliant!

  4. Apathy and ignorance rulez

  5. Strange juxtapositions

  6. EPA Battling Farmers in Virginia

  7. Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton’s top aides could be indicted

  8. Going South!  A Word for the U.S.A.

  9. Friday’s Bible Study

  10. Jump 4 Joy and Shout Your Praise!

  11. God Does

  12. Something Was Missing

  13. Your Memories

  14. Faith of Ronald Reagan

  15. On the Bookshelf: Norse Mythology

  16. The Breakfast Club

  17. Homepage Pingbacks

  18. Needs vs. Wants

  19. Day 3 – Quote Challenge

  20. How to Win the White House and Save the World

  21. Άσαντ: «Η Ευρώπη να σταματήσει να καλύπτει τους τρομοκράτες»   (Assad: “Europe to stop covering the terrorists ‘)

  22. Just a Thought

  23. Birdseed for Valentines

  24. We’ve All Been Seduced and Here is Proof

  25. The February Angels and other super short stories

  26. Tangier. Unfinished labour of Hercules / Niedokończona praca Herkulesa

  27. Tangier. Unfinished labour of Hercules / Niedokończona praca Herkulesa

  28. Carrier Air Conditioning Announces They Are Moving To Mexico – 1,400 Indianapolis Jobs Lost…

  29. Everything changed

  30. Casal constrói a própria casa com materiais recicláveis e reaproveitados   (Couple builds his own house with recycled materials and reused)

  31. Color Your World – Green

  32. The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 13/16

  33. Book Blitz: Your Last Breath by Carole Parkes & Doug Lafuze @obsessiveppromo @CaroleParkes1

  34. Foodtrip: Persiana

  35. Nuggets – My Savior Makes Me Whole

  36. Happy birthday drawings

  37. Wonders of God

  38. You are Black heart (cards)LovedBlack heart (cards)

  39. Paiement par Mobile, Visa révèle une participation de 9,99% dans Square   (Payment by Mobile, Visa reveals a 9.99% stake in Square)

  40. Earth Tones

  41. small stones – February 12, 2016

  42. Doritos Affirms Unborn Humanity! NARAL Outraged!

  43. Succeeding with Three Challenges that Derail Leaders


  45. Mommy Am I Black?

  46. A shadow or True Bread

  47. Color My World: Green

  48. First Flower: Friday Fictioneers

  49. Excited for Upcoming Events in SoCal

  50. Does God Change With The Times?

  51. Votes…Where and Why?

  52. Eternally Yours

  53. His Presence

  54. Raising kids not ever easy… 😛

  55. Having Fame as a Father

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