My Article Read (2-8-2016)


Warrior, Newspaper

  1. Is there evidence for Christianity?

  2. Adopting Yourself – Part 1

  3. My poems now on Verse-Virtual

  4. Sofia Kioroglou

  5. RECOMMENDATIONS – Blogs with varied focus, all of them priceless

  6. Hillary got a delegate from an Iowa precinct where no one voted for her?

  7. This Doritos Super Bowl ad has abortion activists chomping mad…

  8. Legionnaire General arrested at PEGIDA rally.

  9. FFS!!

  10. Wealthy donors pump millions into Sanders’ campaign in last-ditch effort to destroy his credibility

  11. Counterterrorism? Obama Administration Uses Honor System to Vet Immigrants

  12. Obamacare Architect Jonathon Gruber on Hot Seat in Vermont

  13. Senior Senate Staffer Reveals the Marco Rubio Story You’ve Never Heard

  14. The Conservative Case Against Marco Rubio

  15. My Carolina Panther Angel

  16. Just a ‘story’ for kids huh…

  17. New Starship Gypsies post…

  18. The Three Zees

  19. Can you be a “proud” Christian?

  20. The Preferred OOTD

  21. Let the Monkey Year Begins – Happy CNY 2016!

  22. Return of Kings Witch Hunt


  24. Quote Of the Day 2-8-16

  25. This Week In The Book of Job

  26. Haters Gonna Hate

  27. Zyklon B

  28. Our Breakfast in Bed

  29. The Cincinnati Kids!

  30. Sunday-Super Bowl, Sorrow and Sadness

  31. Flower of the Day – February 8, 2016 – Deep in the heart of a tulip

  32. 40 Day Skeptics Challenge

  33. 08 – DGS, Homme orchestre, Directeur général des services   (08 DGS, man Orchestra, Director general of services)

  34. Letters to Daddy 15

  35. Cam Newton Blames Super Bowl Loss on ‘The Man’

  36. God’s Hidden Messages

  37. Ah Ha Ha Ha Stayin’ Alive…

  38. Dear Pet Sitters

  39. Recommended bloggers. I love bloggers.

  40. Weigh Day

  41. Joining a writing group.

  42. Walk with the Wise

  43. Crafts: Drying Flowers

  44. ❤ We are not called to be like other Christians – we are called to be like Christ. ❤

  45. Supermarket Sin

  46. Série de fotos vintage retrata o amor através de beijos apaixonados – e arriscados!   (Vintage photo series depicts the love through kisses in love – and risky!)

  47. Why do many atheists and skeptics fight so hard to deny God if they don’t believe He exists?

  48. A Few of My Random Thoughts: 2/8/16

  49. The Cook Book You Can Eat – Cool Stuff

  50. October 1943 (2)

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