I Was Raised That Way (Repost)



I put A Son And His Father up because I thought it was uplifting and I was raised you take care of your own. It wasn’t as much talking about it but by example by relatives, and my parents.

I was in the fourth grade, my Aunt Annie and mom took every other day to go take care my  Grandma Tubbs until she died. She had lung cancer.

I don’t remember the circumstances of how my Grandma Bishop and Great Uncle Bob came to live with my Aunt Edna. I just remember them being there with Aunt Edna. Neither Grandma Bishop and Great Uncle Bob were sick. When Aunt Edna died, dad and mom took over with grandma. Great Uncle Bob was dead by then.

In the mid 70’s, I worked in a nursing home a little over a year. I witnessed something’s that broke my heart and reinforced “you take care of your own” stance in my head. The nursing home wasn’t a bad place. The elderly and disabled got good care. It is hard to see an elderly person come into the nursing home with a light in their eyes then over the weeks the light in their eyes go out. Its like they lost their purpose. This is probably the reason I suggested as an act of kindness to visit the elderly.


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