My Article Read (2-7-2016)


Toodler, Newspaper

  1. (Viral Video) Tomb of the unknown – Guard silences crowd after laughter is heard

  2. The Rubio weasel.


  4. Debate summary

  5. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  6. I pay, therefore I am

  7. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Because We Could Use a Laugh

  8. President Obama Owns Stock in Gun Companies

  9. Sunday Respite – And Winter Came

  10. I’ve not gone anywhere!!

  11. Ongoing painting finished 🙂

  12. Outpouring of God’s Spirit

  13. Multiple Awards and Thank You’s

  14. Along the beach

  15. Tears.


  17. Diamond and Silk Wrap Up The Week In Politics – It’s About America…

  18. Tangier. All the tastes of medina / Wszystkie smaki medyny

  19. tribulation

  20. B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond – February 6, 2016

  21. Norway – Gustav Vigeland

  22. Pilgrimage

  23. Who’s Fault Is It?

  24. Color My World: Fuchsia

  25. VIDEO Govt Sanctioned Murders of Patriots Continue: Perverts, Traitors & Informants Responsible

  26. Wisdom; enthroned, crowned, glorified

  27. Love and Attention Deficit

  28. Lifted

  29. The Recording of History

  30. A Dying Man, Scared of the Dark: John Wayne in THE SHOOTIST (Paramount 1976)

  31. Oh, To Know the Love ~

  32. My Faith Fight…

  33. Should men wear running tights?

  34. France, Administration, Collectivités territoriales, DGS, Directeur Général des Services   (France, Administration, local authorities, DGS, Director General of Services)

  35. San Diego Church Joins War on Women

  36. Έκτακτο Παράρτημα: Τα Ρωσικά υποβρύχια είναι τα καλύτερα στο κόσμο… παραδέχεται ναύαρχος του ΝΑΤΟ!   (Eggstra: Russian submarines are the best in the world … NATO Admiral admits!)

  37. Sketch Book – Design in progress

  38. My Tie Resolution

  39. Honoring Charles Dickens

  40. Sunday Faith Blog (and a joke!)

  41. This Is the Way You Can Make Big Money Blogging Now


  43. small stones – February 7, 2016

  44. What To Say When Your Pastor Announces that Worship is Cancelled or Rescheduled For the Super Bowl | Zwinglius Redivivus

  45. Christie leaves bruises in embarrassing smackdown that cost Rubio the debate

  46. Obamas’ expensive vacations spark lawsuit; ‘kingly entourage’ abuse of taxpayers’ money

  47. Haiku #131

  48. #38 Purple heart February weekend blog highlights

  49. How did we meet?


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