My Article Read (2-4-2016)


Soldier, Newspaper

  1. Sunday Morning Thoughts

  2. Rahab’s confession

  3. Drawn to or Driven from – The Fix-it Shop

  4. Consider the possibility that the reason you aren’t going to church has to do with your sins

  5. How happy in the man . . .

  6. Obama thanks Muslims for helping keep us safe…

  7. Jeb Bush BEGS LOW ENERGY CROWD To “Please Clap” after Speech Met With TOTAL Silence

  8. Mr. Wombat goes to Washington

  9. WTF??

  10. A Christian example

  11. Let the memory live again

  12. The Muslim Sympathizer POTUS Up to His Old Tricks Again

  13. Sanders On Clinton’s Speaking Fees

  14. On the subject of Selfies

  15. You Are My River

  16. Hillary Clinton spins off her mega bucks from Goldman Sachs

  17. Stress Not ~

  18. The Unfortunate Power of Negative Thinking

  19. What’s really going on with unemployment?

  20. Moonbeam haiku

  21. Minnesota Snow Sculpting

  22. What ~Keys~ open doors?

  23. Nuggets – Pass the Salt

  24. Hillary Has Lost Her Indoor Voice

  25. 04/02/2016 BIRTHDAY PROMPT!

  26. Raising kids not ever easy…. 😛

  27. Fun Foto Challenge: Feel The Heat

  28. The Ex Files

  29. A New You

  30. Flower of the Day – February 4, 2016 – Rose Twins

  31. Pledge

  32. Travailler, vivre ensemble   (Work, live together)

  33. Tail Therapy… Who’s Ready?

  34. This Is Me When I Get a Notification!

  35. Let Us Return!

  36. An Elderly Widower’s Note to His Deceased Wife Is the Best Thing You’ll Read on the Internet This Week

  37. The Book of Job – Wednesday And Thursday

  38. The Dead and the Living – Photography

  39. Terror alerts with HUMOR?

  40. Scarlett

  41. 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Day 35

  42. Why are there so many atheists?

  43. Bless Yahweh!

  44. Blogging Tips, Advice and Blog Strategy – 2/4/16

  45. Rahab and the God of the second chance

  46. Daily Kind Quote

  47. Comfort food: a bowl of peas soup

  48. October 1943 (1)

  49. Dysfunctional Love

  50. Is The Lord Among Us Or Not?

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