My Article Read (2-3-2016)


Soldier, Man, Newspaper

  1. Hump Day Video: CBS anchors chuckle when Hillary Clinton says she can’t be bought

  2. Woodpile Report:

  3. Dangerous times….

  4. War on coal, West Va front

  5. ObamaCare enrollment pitch

  6. Happy Groundhog Day

  7. Thought for Today – February 3, 2016

  8. The President Tries to Influence Politics and Investigations – Ya Think?

  9. Guess where in the world Former AG Eric Holder is working?

  10. Terrorism-Poem by Sofia Kioroglou

  11. The Wait

  12. Poverty is not the root of all evil…

  13. Actors, Emmy’s and the Media

  14. Gone too soon

  15. The Most Beautiful Thing About Christianity

  16. #IWSG – The Power of Planning

  17. Donald Trump’s Appeal: Another view – Trump stared down Fox and won – America’s Last Chance Election

  18. Tell All Tuesday Series: Gossip

  19. The Tennis Sisters:Dominating and Dynamic

  20. You are a Poor Writer

  21. Featured Bloggers 2/2/16: Networking 101

  22. Norway – Benches covered by snow

  23. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  24. The Medium is the Message: Andy Griffith in A FACE IN THE CROWD (Warner Brothers 1957)

  25. Our world has two forces

  26. What I read in January

  27. Jephthah, From zero to be Hero

  28. May Peace Rule Your Heart ~

  29. silence

  30. What Does It Mean To Hear An Owl Screaming Outside Your Window At Night?

  31. Café Cubano

  32. Not Feeling Well

  33. Are you looking for the Most Comfortable shoes?

  34. The Road Through Romans: Holiness

  35. Git Along, Little Doggies

  36. I Got Married (sort of)!

  37. Dot and Doyle’s Miracle: A 73-Year Love Story

  38. One-Liner Wednesday – You know that feeling?

  39. A Writer’s Guide to Defamation and Invasion of Privacy

  40. The Fair and Foul by Allie Potts, a review.

  41. Do We Need to Teach More Self-Respect?

  42. Gaddafi’s Daughter Ayesha: New Leader of Resistance Against NATO and Libyan Terrorists

  43. Reich shows why you’re wrong about Bernie Sanders! Heh heh

  44. Farmers Hailed As ‘Heroes’ In Romanian Press For Defeating Secret EU Funded Plans To Build Migrant Centre In Town

  45. Dans la cour des cols, Faire la cour, décolle…   (In the Court of the passes, make the Court, takes off…)

  46. Wisdom Wednesday

  47. h My Lord What Can I Do

  48. Daily Devotion-February 3, 2016-Matthew 9:9 Give Up Your Life and Follow Me

  49. My Soul Longs for You – Worship Wednesday

  50. In Your presence . . .

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