I Have Been Thinking


Vintage Woman Writing

I have been thinking on what to write to keep my goal of writing 2 posts a week. All I can think of is stuff to jot down instead of certain subject to write about.

My mind went to stuff that prompt me to write about a subject like Feminist? No! A Woman Of Strength? Yes!. I was prompted to write by I blog post I read about a woman who thought she was a feminist. For some odd reason I felt the need to set the record straight on feminist.

Then my mind switched to another blog post I wrote about was about a wrestler titled I Got A Kick From An Article I Read At Townhall. It Was About Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It too was  prompt by a post at on Townhall.

My thoughts changed to posts I added my two cents worth to like Online Kindness, Servant Leadership And Servant Leaders, Where Have All The Leaders Gone?.

I admit there were posts that I didn’t write because it was stuff that upset me. I wasn’t too sure if unkosher or harsh words would come out. I refrained from writing it.

It amazes me how something’s can inspire one to write a post and others from writing about it.


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