My Article Read (2-1-2016)


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  1. Lady Justice Awakens Slowly after Seven Year Coma; Rule of Law Needs Major Overhaul

  2. Treasure in Heaven

  3. Sex, Marriage, and Fairytales, Spoken Word

  4. Flower of the Day – January 31, 2016 – Clematis

  5. Inspirational Song For Today: Redeemed

  6. Have I gone mad?…

  7. Wounded Warrior Project facing accusations of using donor money for conferences and parties

  8. Hillary’s hide on the line

  9. World Policeman vs. the Rhetorician

  10. (Video) Is Global Warming really our most serious problem?

  11. Quote Of The Day — February 01, 2016

  12. The Battle for Stockholm’s Train Station – Is Civil War on the Horizon?

  13. Obama to visit radical mosque which receives federal funds

  14. The Book Of Job – Week 5

  15. Asie, Chine, Automobiles, Renault ouvre sa première usine   (Asia, China, Automobiles, Renault opens its first plant)

  16. The Cheater’s Guide to Making Baccalà…

  17. Limerick

  18. Verdade ou Desafio    (Truth Or Dare)

  19. A Few of My Random Thoughts…2/1/16

  20. Personality Tests

  21. Combating hate speech in Europe, The fix is in for European style global socialism


  23. Solomon, Iowa,Payoff Time

  24. Book Review: Lose The Cape: Never Will I Ever…and then I had kids!

  25. Compromising your faith

  26. Love enlivens with your existence

  27. To Click or Not to Click: Why Don’t People Click Links?

  28. Confession of a Clutterholic

  29. Pasta with spinach and mushrooms

  30. Holocaust Memorial Day 2016

  31. Jo’s Monday walk : São Lourenço Trail

  32. Oh Dear – Ted Cruz Sent “Voter Shaming Letter” To Iowa Professor of Political Science…

  33. Color Your World: Denim

  34. Norway – Introduction

  35. Melting

  36. Simeon called Jesus the consolation of Israel

  37. Bloggers that encourage.

  38. Indulged

  39. The Day We Killed Jesus

  40. The Broken Heart’s Cry ~

  41. God’s Value and Self Worth

  42. The Matter of Pride

  43. The Primal Creation — reblogged

  44. soft

  45. Just Jot It January 2016 Participant Badge and All-Round Pat on the Back

  46. Bend Over!

  47. Γι’ αυτό η Ρωσία είναι πάντα ένα βήμα μπροστά από τις ΗΠΑ στη Συρία!   (This is why Russia is always one step ahead of the USA in Syria!)

  48. 17 Mile Drive on the Monterey Peninsula in California

  49. Travel Blog | India

  50. Guest post from Steven Capps


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