Links To Some Uplifting Posts (2-1-2016)



  1. Help came quickly to a neighbor in need

  2. A Father and Son Change The World Through Music

  3. Start a Kindness Journal or Blog

  4. Grandpa Saves An Estimated 400 People From Committing Suicide

  5. Man Gives To Those Who Give In Homeless Social Experiment

  6. The 3 Gatekeepers

  7. 1 step, 1 punch, 1 round at a time.

  8. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Mom is Sleeping

  9. Após sair da prisão, homem muda de vida e passa 20 anos sozinho em um lugar místico   (After leaving prison, man changes life and spends 20 years alone in a mystical place)

  10. Good Samaritans And Blessings

Note: On number nine please use a translator if you don’t speak Portuguese, it is a great, lovely post about redemption.


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