My Article Read (1-29-2016)


Man Coffee, Newspaper

  1. Documentary Photography – Ellis Island, The Forgotten Days

  2. Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 4 – Out with the Old

  3. Food

  4. Color Your World: Carnation Pink

  5. Collaboration For Peace – Pieces

  6. Bill Whittle: We are not enemies…

  7. There’s a debate tonight…

  8. BREAKING: Fox News Defies America, Invites THESE 2 People to Their Debate

  9. Conservative, Save Yourself

  10. Bumper snickers

  11. Quote Of The Day — January 29, 2016

  12. Carly Fiorina Scores a TKO for Hillary Comments

  13. Too Many Hashtags Will Kill You

  14. Thursday’s Tale

  15. September 1943 (3)

  16. King Solomon, Are Americans Fair to Muslims…or, (Post Seven)


  18. Featured Bloggers 1/28/16: Networking 101

  19. My New Website @

  20. The Book Of Job- Chapter 20 And Friday’s Post From Women Living Well

  21. Always On My Mind

  22. Blogger’s Pit Stop #8

  23. Commission recommends removing Judge Vance Day Who Refused To Perform ‘Same Sex Marriages’

  24. My New Website @

  25. Don’t Let Go

  26. Cuba – Books

  27. The imagination will sometimes fly up to God

  28. 1 step, 1 punch, 1 round at a time.

  29. Obama Administration Orders Labeling of Israeli Goods

  30. Marlowe at the Movies Pt 2: THE LADY IN THE LAKE (MGM 1947)

  31. New Life ~

  32. The Road Through Romans: The Invisible Qualities Pt. 2

  33. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  34. Question. What’s normal anyway?

  35. Test

  36. Another Day at the Office

  37. Debate comments?

  38. Super Bowl Heritage in San Diego

  39. Feeling Left Out

  40. I’m Sorry, I Just Don’t Love You!

  41. Video Footage LaVoy Finicum Shooting Oregon Militia

  42. the path of the just: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  43. Just Jot It January 29th – Ghost

  44. Nubia: Ready… Steady… Sleepy time!

  45. Μαρτίνο, 29-1-1829   (Martino, 29-1-1829)

  46. Love is…

  47. VIDEO A US Russia Conflict In Syria Became More Likely – Libya Sequel Is Coming – Turkey Funding ISIS, Smuggles ISIS Oil

  48. It’s Almost Time!!!

  49. The Little Dress (A Short Story of Love)

  50. Glory to Yahweh!


Left Over Articles

  1. Austria Snow

  2. Looking Glass

  3. Stopped Once Again..

  4. After the game, beyond the posters

  5. Cuba – Casas particulares

  6. Refugee Rapists in Europe Increase Sales of Self-Defense Sprays

  7. Seattle’s First Cat Cafe Opens, Take 2

  8. Is Heaven real?

  9. Conta no Instagram revela a beleza escondida no caos de São Paulo   (Instagram account reveals the hidden beauty in the chaos of Sao Paulo)

  10. After the Storm

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