Check These Blogs Out #1


To Blog

I can’t get to everyone’s blog in one day to read. I limit myself to so many hours or so many articles. I do this because ADD tends to kick in. I get to where I can’t focus on a single article after time. Of course, real life can be an obstacle too in this case.

Here are the first ten blogs.

  1. Adrienne’s Corner

  2. Bluegrass Pundit

  3. bluebird of bitterness

  4. Bucket List Publications

  5. Right Ring

  6. TrueblueNZ

  7. ‘Nox & Friends 

  8. Public Secrets

  9. nebraskaenergyobserver

  10. Crusader Rabbit

I mentioned these blogs first because I have been following these blogs for a long time. Adrienne has been with me since I was with Blogger. Adrienne does post about politics but her blog has posts on canning, prepping, shopping, and do-it-yourself  stuff.  Bluegrass Pundit, Right Ring, and  Public Secrets are political, current events blogs in the US. The Bucket List Publications is a traveling blog.  Leslie takes you on all sorts of adventure, safari, etc. Nebraska Energy Observer talks about politics here and there, random stuff, and history. Bluebird Of Bitterness is a fun blog to follow with political snark, Happy Caturday, satires, etc.  Nox And Friends post politics but I love their “Quote Of The Day” and “The Sunday Feel Good” posts too. Crusader Rabbit and TrueblueNZ post are about current events in New Zealand, Australia, Britain, and United States, mostly New Zealand.

I will be going down the list of blogs I follow. If you are one of the blogs I follow, you don’t want to be on this list in the future let me know in comments.


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