My Article Read (1-28-2016)



  1. Fine Art Photography – Shaolin Monks

  2. Warped…

  3. Lonely Author: Introducing New Devil Girl Photo

  4. Yahweh, You have done many things!

  5. Love and optimism

  6. Democrats run away fro Bernie Sanders tax proposals…

  7. Hillary server questions redux

  8. Quote Of The Day — January 28, 2016

  9. Danish Girl Faces Charges for Use of Pepper Spray Against Attacker

  10. The Pesky Truth Gazette, Vol III, Number G

  11. Andrew Napolitano: FBI Could Recommend Prosecution For Hillary Clinton

  12. A Word for February 2016

  13. German cost of fixing ‘refugees’ teeth to cost Taxpayers Billions i

  14. For the Love of Erika Parker

  15. Sworn to Silence

  16. Dang Blizzard of 2016

  17. King Solomon, Are Americans Fair to Muslims…or, (Post Six)

  18. The Perfect Date

  19. Wednesday’s Words

  20. Quote Me!

  21. Reblog: It’s all about faith.

  22. Tongues of Fire on Idris Flaring

  23. For Sharon

  24. Poetry drips out.

  25. Take Action !

  26. Eye witness account of LaVoy Finicum shooting (Oregon militia)

  27. There’s an app for that…

  28. Site Update – HR

  29. VIDEO Eyewitness: Oregon Militiaman MURDERED By Cops, Shot In Face With Hands Up

  30. He who would be happy here

  31. Hear Me Roar!

  32. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  33. REMEMBER THE 3 A’s of BROKENNESS: Abuse, Abandonment, And Adultery

  34. Newsweek Is Now History but this may be their best article

  35. Care Casting ~

  36. In Honor of Holocaust Memorial Day

  37. Someday, Somewhere and Someone

  38. Megyn Kelly Won’t Confirm if She and Michael Moore Are Dating

  39. Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  40. Eccentric Caroline – 1/27/16 – piano planter

  41. What I Have Been Reading.

  42. Flower of the Day – January 28, 2016 and Color Your World: Copper

  43. Share Your World 2016 Week #4

  44. Lord It’s You

  45. ΕΚΡΗΞΗ… Ελλάδα Εναντίον Τουρκίας με Συμμάχους Ισραήλ και Ρωσία… Αντίδραση ΗΠΑ υπέρ των Τούρκων   (EXPLOSION … Greece Vs. Turkey with Allies Israel and Russia … US reaction in favor of the Turks)

  46. Just Jot It January 28th – Serendipity

  47. You Are Responsible…

  48. My Secret Muse

  49. A Powerful Antibiotic from Nature…

  50. Tt28: Respect your Husband

  51. God is calling. Answer the door!

  52. Our God is The Great ‘I Am’

  53. Bloggers Network: Connect & Share

  54. How To Become A Successful Blogger: Part 2 – How To Create A Pingback

  55. Sweet Prince

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