Links To Motivation And Leadership Articles


Alitha (A Perfectly Flawed Ruby) gave her belief of success on her post  Quote Me!.

“So many people have different definitions of what they believe is “SUCCESSFUL”.  I view my success as going after and achieving the goal. I am not looking at having wealth or fame. If I have achieved the goal, then I am successful.  I have hit rock bottom and have been humbled while at the bottom, and I said to myself, I must pick myself up and keep going, not that is my success.”

Alitha stated my idea of “Successful” in her paragraph.


A Genuine Leader

  1. The Question I’ve Never Asked

  2. Looking Glass.. Take a hard look

  3. Four Ways to Become a One Word Organization

  4. Take Positive Care Of Your Mind With Self Talk

  5. Success is Never about being Successful


  7. Mind, Body, and Spirit

  8. How to improve our decisions?

  9. Why Your Life Sucks: And what you can do about it. By Alan Cohen

  10. IN CHARGE: Finding The Leader Within You By Dr. Myles Munroe (Part I)


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