My Article Read (1-27-2016)


Hot News1

  1. Blogging – Doing for Others

  2. Street Photography Essay – Paris & Havana

  3. Separation Of Church And State

  4. Wicked Drama Shows on TV? Not in My House!

  5. End times walking not alone: Christian SWOT analysis

  6. Six Days…

  7. Walt Disney World sued for outsourcing tech jobs…

  8. Trump Dumps Fox News Debate…

  9. Delingpole on Putin:

  10. Breaking: Shots fired in ranch standoff

  11. Dimwit!

  12. Russia today

  13. Happy birthday, Wolfgang

  14. Par for the course

  15. Trump on Doing Business with Pelosi, Reid and other Democrats

  16. Prophetic Warning to Northeast U.S.A.

  17. Oregon stand off ends in one dead, another Waco, Ruby Ridge in the making?

  18. Kids and Sports

  19. We are all of us stars

  20. Declassified Documents: Obama Ordered CIA To Train ISIS

  21. 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Day 23 – 26

  22. Do Your Relationships Have Lysosomes?

  23. Just Dirt

  24. I’d Like Somemario Coffee Please!

  25. Marlowe at the Movies Pt 1: MURDER, MY SWEET

  26. How to make your own editing rules sheet

  27. The Book Of Job – Chapter 18

  28. Do what needs to be done

  29. Hand It Over

  30. Chicago beggars sue over lost wages

  31. Road trip, the Best Way to Torture Your Kids

  32. Save A Life Today ~

  33. Optimistic


  35. Is Florida in Violation of the First Amendment?

  36. 3AM Thoughts

  37. FBI arrests Milwaukee man accused of planning Masonic temple attack

  38. Color Your World: Cerulean

  39. Flower of the Day – January 27, 2016

  40. In Honor of My Mother

  41. Just Jot It January 27th – Mendaciloquent

  42. Healthy Ears

  43. Everything I Needed

  44. Trying to be positive

  45. One Tough Cookie

  46. The Crocodile Prize 2016 Literary Competition is open

  47. First Sight

  48. Make peace . . . .

  49. My Life Living With MS

  50. God’s Garden-Lettuce Be Kind-Part One

  51. “Danny and Annie”

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