Do I Have A Goal For My Blog?



Around a couple weeks ago, Jason over at Harsh Reality asked the questions “What is the Goal of Your Blog?”. I intended to answer the question around then by blogging the answer but moving and real life tended to be an obstacle at that time so I am doing the answering now. Yes, I do have goals for my blog.

First, I want to explain something. Back in 2013, I got tired of talking about politics. I kept thinking where is the good news. There has to be something more this overwhelming feeling of disgust of politics. I decided to turn my blog around to being positive. I wanted to post uplifting articles, be encouraging, and hopefully inspiring. The world needed encouraging, uplifting posts at least in my opinion. My goal is still doing positive posts.

My other goals are:

  1. Write 2 post a week.
  2. I plan to do couple more list of links for “Motivation and Leadership” and “Check These Blogs Out”.
  3. I going to try to make more comments on blogs. I do have to ask for patience in this area because I am a person who only talks when I have something to say, Smile. Not to mention my conversation skills needs to be worked on, lol.

I might add on this as the year goes on but right now this is it.

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