Links To Some Uplifting Posts (1-25-2016)


Child , Bubbles

  1. A Poem By Mindy

  2. Man Modifies Wheelchair to Complete Our Least Favorite Winter Chore

  3. Kindness Saves a High School Student’s Life

  4. Give Carepacks to the Homeless

  5. Student Suspended For Carrying Asthmatic Classmate To Nurse

  6. 80-Year-Old Man Builds A Train To Take Rescued Stray Dogs On Adventures

  7. O homem-aranha anônimo que distribui comida por moradores de rua   (The anonymous Spiderman distributes food for homeless)

  8. Radical Generosity

  9. Helping Others-Not All Police Officers Are Bad

  10. Doing Good Deeds


Note: On number seven please use a translator if you don’t speak Portuguese, it is a great, lovely post about compassion.

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