My Article Read (1-23-2016)


Dog, Glasses, Newspaper

  1. 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Day 7

  2. She

  3. Fotógrafa une cachorros e natureza em série de fotos encantadora   (Photographer joins dogs and serial nature of lovely photos)

  4. Riches of Grace For Us

  5. Thank You Rabiyabutt!

  6. National Review blasts Trump with 22 negative articles by “leading conservatives”…w/Update

  7. I heard a rumor that Sarah Palin endorsed Trump…

  8. Inspiring Image: Guards at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery

  9. Where are the Wise??

  10. The End is Not Yet… YET?

  11. The Battle Against Racism is LOST!

  12. How about that…real men needed, after all.

  13. ‘2 Corinthians’

  14. Lying a form of free speech

  15. Curiouser, haunting Benghazi details

  16. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  17. Hillary’s Email: can she be inaugurated from inside a jail cell?

  18. Quote Of The Day — January 23, 2016

  19. British sniper investigated for not shouting warning in Iraq

  20. MSNBC Highlights The Clintons “Obscene” Speaking Fees

  21. If You’re Using OpenSSH To Connect To Servers, You Need To Update Your Client

  22. A Nation That Kills Its Children Has No Future

  23. Boldly come unto the King of kings

  24. Filipino Christians Form Militia To Fight ISIS, Burn The Black Flag Of Islam

  25. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  26. What? The Prodigal didn’t return?

  27. Never Lose Your Hope in God

  28. Gear Up ~

  29. Candidate Trump’s “America First” Economic Solutions…

  30. Why I can’t shake the feeling the West is done.

  31. Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

  32. How to make £667 easily!

  33. Lord, Set Us Free

  34. blossomed like a lily in lagoon

  35. Balloon man

  36. Just Jot It January 23rd – Odd/Even #SoCS

  37. Guest Star: Loving Memories of Dr. Hush Puppy: A Sweet Farewell

  38. Wisdom lies in the Application

  39. Cee’s Black & White: Ssssssssssss

  40. Wise Words from Brick Tamland!

  41. Six word Saturday

  42. Government Spending

  43. True love never die… 🙂

  44. Is writing a lonely pursuit? #amwriting

  45. 25 Ways Google Docs Will Make You a Better Blogger

  46. The righteous person and troubles

  47. What you say vs. What God says

  48. Creepy is a choice!


  50. Where My Eyes Are From – Short Story JK.Leahy©

  51. Phil Robertson’s response to new black grandchild will make America proud, but some libs crazy

  52. Blurred Vision

  53. Receive from God: More good gifts!

  54. Retribution

  55. The Thing About Blogging and Twitter…

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