Left Over Articles (1-16-2015)


I programmed this to appear today just in case your looking for something to read. Left over articles are  articles I couldn’t get to on some days so I put the ones I couldn’t read in a folder called left overs under my inbox. I plan to read them later on. Usually, I read five of them a day then go to my bookmark sites. After reading the bookmarks I go to read top 20 – 30 of my email articles. I didn’t have time to read much because of moving back to Lafayette, IN  so I just copy and paste the titles. I hope you don’t mind, Smile.


Left Overs

  1. Just Once

  2. Persnickety

  3. Succeeding Requires Change!

  4. Thursday’s Special : Robotic

  5. Much Ado About “Robust”

  6. After The Lovin’

  7. Praying

  8. Remembering

  9. Como são os almoços das crianças em escolas ao redor do mundo


  11. Winter Trees

  12. thy words be true: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  13. Word for “Today” Ease”

  14. Leaders, Flies, and Manure

  15. Meaninglessness and Dragon Slaying…

  16. Stuff and nonsense

  17. Thoughts about Cookies and Memories at the Dawn of a New Decade

  18. Pre Code Confidential #3: MAKE ME A STAR (Paramount 1932)

  19. VIDEO MB Obama Brothers Barbarically Murder Afghan Woman After Being Falsely Accused of Burning Quran, Coming To USA

  20. Suppose you see a lake


  22. Banned Words For 2016

  23. Reasoning to Atheism

  24. Crying Obama Inspires Gangbangers to Lay Down Their Guns

  25. Jesus Paid It All and the Payment Was Enough For Everyone

  26. «Ορεινή» από την Σοφία Κιόρογλου

  27. What is politics for?

  28. Should every blogger have a mentor? Yes, this is why

  29. Philadelphia Police Officer Survives Ambush Terrorist Attack – Suspect Claims He “Did It In The Name of Islam”…

  30. 23 Amazing Quotes From The Bhagavad Gita

  31. My Days are Numbered ~

  32. IZombie

  33. Street Photography Essay – Downtown Los Angeles, USA

  34. ‘Tis my birthday!

  35. BUSY, BUSY!

  36. Cuba – Caves, Vinales

  37. What is Cultural Marxism and What is Critical Theory ?

  38. Give me hope and joy!

  39. Kicked Out


  41. New year, new journey..Just ask the universe


  43. Greetings!

  44. When the last lie is told

  45. Face your painting skills

  46. Sunday Share

  47. Inspirational Song for Today: Start a Fire

  48. A Matter of Desire

  49. Saw her two twinkling eyes after years

  50. The Freeze Response: How a Warrior Handles the Trauma of Sexual Assault – By Amy Oestreicher

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