My Article Read (1-13-2016)


Coffee, Coursant, Newpaper

  1. Crushing Roses

  2. “winter ocean” – Haiku

  3. Earthquakes

  4. And they will turn away their ears from…

  5. Scientists Discover Probable Cause of North Korea Bomb Blast

  6. Obama brags about how strong America is, Joint Chiefs aren’t impressed…

  7. Oh, really?

  8. NZ Herald’s usual anti-American garbage

  9. Dems have no shame

  10. Quote Of The Day — January 13, 2016

  11. Rep Steve King Avoids SOTU, Heads to Chapel to Pray

  12. The State of the Union is Strong – the State of our President is Wrong

  13. The Snowball Effect

  14. Kerry, Ash Carter asked Iran to help when Navy boats had trouble, letting them be captured

  15. Chris Matthews Stumps Chuck Schumer on Difference Between Socialist, Democrat

  16. A Thoughtful Challenge

  17. 17 things that change forever when you live abroad

  18. Peaceful Explosion: How’s that for Half and Half

  19. Election 2016: Is Biden (Not) in it … to Win it?

  20. Our Digital “Child”

  21. Good Morning Girls Resources {Job 6-10}

  22. Powerball is the Work of the Devil

  23. Holy Twitter!

  24. Gratitude we don’t see much:

  25. How to Easily Find Time for Stress-Free Blogging

  26. Fire, Sex and Dating – Part 2


  28. On My Father’s Birthday: A Letter To The Man Who Killed Him – By Dawn Quyle Landau

  29. Handmade & Digital Collages – Artist Exposé

  30. Top Ten Tuesday: 2015 Release I never got to read

  31. God sees thee when thou beginnest to repent

  32. Tell all Tuesday Series: Fortunes

  33. Irish Pastor Acquitted of Making “Grossly Offensive” Remarks About Islam

  34. Just Like My Savior ~

  35. All God’s people – Jehovah Jireh

  36. #JusJoJan 13 Jan 2016

  37. Color Your World: Black

  38. Nikki Haley Just PROVED Beyond Any Doubt That UniParty DC Republicans are Intentionally Disconnected…

  39. Troubles on lanes, feel unhappy at home

  40. Goal Setting | 2016

  41. Misery, meet Mercy

  42. Guest Post: 5 weird facts about cats that you probably didn’t know

  43. A review Conor Kelly and the Four treasures of Eirean by Ali Isaac.

  44. Just Jot It January 13th – Sacrifice

  45. Just when I thought I couldn’t do Swahili.

  46. You’re Beautiful (A Short Story of Love)

  47. Raising kids not ever easy… 😛

  48. This Life’s Dying Thrill

  49. Honesty is the First Step: My Healthy Living Update 😦

  50. A Sharp Tongue-Gossip Is Poisonous

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