Links To Some Uplifting Posts (1-13-2016)


Banner, Dance

  1. Stranger’s Serendipitous Skateboard Kindness

  2. Shovel Snow For A Neighbor

  3. Pennsylvania Cop Praised For Helping A Man In A Wheelchair

  4. Biker Club Donates Clothing To Help Homeless Get Through Winter Weather

  5. Please Let Me Get There: Lessons In The Darkness Of Death And The Light Of The Living – By Stephanie March

  6. When Room Service Gave My Son With Food Allergies an Extra-Special Gift

  7. A Sunday Feel Good Story – I Remember Your Voice

  8. Café gerenciado por vítimas de ataques com ácido chama a atenção pra condição feminina na Índia   (Café managed by victims of acid attacks draws attention to women in India)

  9. A Woman Tried to Put a U.S. Soldier In His Place, What Happened Next Will Leave You Smiling [UPDATE: Stolen Valor?]

  10. The Beauty Inside


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