My Article Read (1-11-2016)


Cat, Newspaper

  1. About “Adopting Yourself”

  2. Recharge Your Wandering Mind – Susan’s Devotional Journal 1/6/16

  3. Cloud-Gazing – Poetry

  4. Spiritual Receptivity

  5. Go Forward

  6. Hypocrite Alert: Anti-gun Hollywood gets security armed with automatic weapons for Golden Globes…

  7. Hillary Snaps at Woman Asking About Bill & Rape… Then Dems Horrified to Learn Who She Really Is

  8. Looks like a juggernaut:

  9. Goodbye Bowie

  10. Quote Of The Day — January 11, 2016

  11. Congress Finally Rebukes MB Obama, Planned Parenthood, and ObamaCare, Gets Vetoed

  12. Grace Can Be Costly For Us

  13. Act 3 at Laguna Playhouse

  14. Branding me!

  15. Sunday Rose

  16. 31 Years of Adoption

  17. Admiration For Amy Tan

  18. Shoe boxes of sawdust

  19. The Forbidden Fruit

  20. Khanum Jan

  21. Who Are Your Mentors?

  22. Mia & Egg: Sharing time! With Wellness Cat Food

  23. Re-spinning old post

  24. …heals all wounds…

  25. 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Day 11

  26. Look up here – I’m in Heaven: David Bowie

  27. ‘El Chapo’ Using Affluenza Excuse to Fight Extradition to US   (satire)

  28. Jo’s Monday walk : High Force and Gibson’s Cave

  29. Debt vs Debt Free


  31. The economy is not the issue the issue is you!

  32. Fire, Sex and Dating – Part 1

  33. The thirsty soul

  34. Waking up in the Morning to Bliss – By Carmelene Melanie Siani

  35. A Sharp Tongue-We Can’t Tame Our Tongue

  36. The Thin White Duke is gone

  37. Miracles For You

  38. White on White

  39. Life Doesn’t Stop For Anybody

  40. A Storyteller

  41. Kentucky Sunrise

  42. As the Wind Dances

  43. Monday’s Mention

  44. the things which we have seen and heard: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  45. Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #64

  46. Geographics….

  47. Lamb of God

  48. A prayer for community

  49. Muddling Through

  50. Monochrome Monday: William Berry House in Loring Park

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