My Article Read (1-10-2016)


Cat, Computer

  1. A simple guide to planning a novel – Part 6

  2. Nuggets – Godly Examples

  3. Random

  4. Just a Thought

  5. The Top Ten Most Popular In The Bible

  6. 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Day 6

  7. Man must not live on bread alone!

  8. Yes, God Loved Us First

  9. Saved From The Darkness ~

  10. God’s Restore Point

  11. Download NOW!

  12. Baltimore Sun Tricia Bishop: I’m More Afraid of Legal Gun Owners Than I Am of Criminals with Guns…

  13. Stupid “The View” audience applauds when Whoopi claims we have to get rid of automatic weapons, that are already banned

  14. He’s not like us — HE is totally OTHER

  15. Insane, suicidal Britain:

  16. Oh, yess!

  17. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  18. It’s National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

  19. Quote Of The Day — January 10, 2016

  20. White Americans Are Angry

  21. God is renewing Broken Relationships

  22. Sunday Respite- ‘Snowbird’

  23. New School

  24. Patience

  25. Documentary Photography – Lewes Bonfire Night

  26. — How to Observe the EIGHTH DAY

  27. Seenager

  28. As The World Burns….

  29. Joyful ‘Toons – Bulldozer

  30. Another Damp And Rainy Day

  31. In my Father’s House . . .

  32. Is there an alternative other than Coffee at Office !

  33. Duuude ! Jeff Spicoli Led Mexican Federales To Sinaloa Drug Kingpin El Chapo…

  34. Inspirational Video of the Day: “Raise ‘Em Up, Lord”

  35. The great hallel

  36. Learn how to give…

  37. Sunday Faith Blog

  38. How to Write Powerful Headlines [Ultimate Guide]

  39. More winter pics from Trosa

  40. Confessions of a pastor’s daughter:Sunday Sermon

  41. #JusJoJan You’ll like this one

  42. You Used to Be Beautiful!


  44. He KNOWS!

  45. Weightless

  46. Just a Thought

  47. Another sunset

  48. My Spot !

  49. Cuba – Relaxing

  50. Got this email today Doggone It…


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