Smiles And Laughs



  1. Frogs By Red Skelton

  2. Atheists Are Irrational-Brad Stine

  3. Share A Smile-Grandmas Are Smart

  4. Red Skelton And John Wayne Skit

  5. Distraction 101-Dear Mrs. Woolf

  6. Share A Smile-God Is Bigger Than The Boogie Man

  7. Something To Put A Smile On Your Face, The Wit Of A President Ronald Reagan

  8. Distraction 101-The Lie Detector Robot

  9. Share A Smile-A Note To Self

  10. Something To Put A Smile On Your Face For Christmas

  11. Share A Smile-A Positive Post

  12. Distraction 101-Tim Hawkins, Bob Smiley, And John Branyan On Teenagers

  13. Distraction 101-Qantas Airline Report

  14. Share A Smile-I Wish

  15. Something To Put A Smile On Your Face

  16. Distraction 101-A Joke By Dom DeLuise

  17. Share A Smile-Spider

  18. A Video That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

  19. Distraction 101-Thoughts To Ponder

  20. Share A Smile-A Brave Snake

  21. Share A Laugh-Three Surgeons’ Discussion

  22. Distraction 101-The State Trooper

  23. Share A Smile-No One

  24. Share A Laugh-Huey, Louie, Dewey, And Bob

  25. Distraction 101-George Burns And Gracie Allen

  26. Share A Smile-Little Guy

  27. Share A Laugh-Dean Martin, Peter Sellers, Nipsey Russell, And Dom DeLuise

  28. Distraction 101- “Wipeout” The Three Stooges Way

  29. Share A Smile-Help Wanted

  30. Share A Laugh-Johnny Carson, Bob Hope, Dean Martin, George Gobel

  31. Distraction 101-Who Let The Dogs Out? Hogan’s Heroes’ Style

  32. Share A Smile-Why Must I Prove That I Am Me

  33. Share A Laugh-Danny Kaye: Master of Many Many Tongues

  34. Distraction 101-Ad Taken From Craig’s List

  35. Share A Smile-Oh Crap

  36. Share A Laugh-Spiders Are Ferocious

  37. Share A Smile-The Crazy To Do List

  38. Share A Laugh-Frontier Doctor

  39. Share A Smile-I Have A Question

  40. Share A Laugh-Anthony Griffith

  41. Share A Smile-Make Your Appointment Today

  42. Share A Laugh-The Old Tired Dog

  43. Share A Smile-We Can

  44. Share A Laugh-Broderick Rice Impersonation Of Famous Preachers

  45. Share A Smile-Sobriety Test

  46. Share A Laugh-Never Sing In The Shower

  47. Share A Smile-Homework

  48. Share A Laugh-Get Out Of The Car

  49. Share A Smile-Mix Up?

  50. Share A Laugh-The 10 Top Patriotic Junk Food Song-Bill Dyszel

  51. Share A Smile-Drama Queen

  52. Share A Laugh-Ronald Reagan Jokes

  53. Share A Smile-The Scammers

  54. Share A Laugh-Florida Court Sets Atheist Holy Day

  55. Share A Smile-I’m Up

  56. Share A Laugh-Audited By The IRS

  57. Share A Smile-The Great Bedtime Story

  58. Laughter Is An Instant Vacation

  59. Share A Smile-Scared

  60. Another Shared Laugh

  61. Share A Smile-Beware

  62. Make Them Laugh-Donald O’Connor And Gene Kelly From The Movie “Singing In The Rain”

  63. Share A Smile-The Firecrackers

  64. Distraction 101-Russian Roulette/Red Skelton

  65. Share A Smile-Motivation

  66. Distraction 101-Red Skelton 2

  67. Share A Smile-The Great Dane

  68. Distraction 101-Prison Break-Red Skelton

  69. Share A Smile-My Quest

  70. Distraction 101-Red Skelton

  71. Share A Smile-Which Kitty?

  72. Red Skelton And Betty Garret-Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  73. Share A Smile-At First You….

  74. Red Skelton – Eiffel Tower

  75. Share A Smile-For The Politically Incorrect People

  76. Red Skelton And Raymond Burr Skit

  77. Share A Smile-My Favorite Cat

  78. Red Skelton And Walter Brennan Skit

  79. Share A Smile-A Wise Old Saying

  80. Seagulls By Red Skelton

  81. Share A Smile-Don’t Listen To Them

  82. Red Skelton And Phyllis Diller Skit

  83. Share A Smile-Proud Supporter

  84. Distraction 101-Animal Rights/Brad Stine

  85. Share A Smile-You Can’t See Me?

  86. Put a Helmet On!-Brad Stine

  87. Share A Smile-A Crazy Song

  88. More Brad Stine

  89. Share A Smile-Game On

  90. The Wussification Of America-Brad Stine

  91. Share A Smile-The Stowaway

  92. Offended By The Truth-Brad Stine

  93. Share A Smile-Satan Bite The Dust

  94. Share A Laugh-Anthony Griffith

  95. Share A Smile-An Alarm System

  96. Distraction 101-Anthony Griffith 2

  97. Share A Smile-The Job Of A Big Brother Is To Help Little Sister.

  98. Distraction 101-Anthony Griffith

  99. Share A Smile-Tech Support

  100. A Clip From the Movie “The Ghost Breakers” Featuring Bob Hope.

  101. Share A Smile-Can I Sleep With You?

  102. A Tribute To Jackie Gleason

  103. Share A Smile-Make It Legal?

  104. Distraction 101-Jeff Allen 3

  105. Share A Smile-Application, Please.

  106. Distraction 101-Jeff Allen 2

  107. Share A Smile-We’re Going To Be Cops

  108. Distraction 101-Jeff Allen

  109. Share A Smile-Crazies

  110. Distraction 101-Ron Pearson

  111. Share A Smile-Dangerous Criminal

  112. “They Don’t Make Comedians Like This Anymore” Thursday-Harvey Korman And Tim Conway

  113. Share A Smile-Family

  114. Distraction 101-Tim Conway And Harvey Korman 2

  115. Share A Smile-Dear Lord

  116. “They Don’t Make Comedians Like This Anymore” Thursday-Tim Conway

  117. Share A Smile-Cute Critters

  118. Distraction 101-Foster Brooks

  119. Share A Smile-Dogs Annoying Cats With Their Friendship

  120. Distraction 101-Fun In The Snow With Man’s Best Friend

  121. Share A Smile-A Snooze Button For Cats Owners

  122. Distraction 101-The Answer To Life

  123. Share A Smile-Red Dot

  124. Distraction 101-Two Tigers Cubs And A Monkey

  125. Share A Smile-Someday

  126. Distraction 101-Animals Can Be Jerks

  127. Share A Smile-Mr. Ernie And 4 Year Old Carson

  128. Distraction 101-Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White, Jeff Foxworthy

  129. Share A Smile-Post It

  130. Distraction 101-Bill Engvall

  131. Share A Smile-Porch Package Thief Steals Box Of Poop

  132. Distraction 101-Mark Lowry

  133. Share A Smile-Cute Way To Take Daddy Hostage

  134. Distraction 101-It Is Time To Lighten Up Christian

  135. Share A Smile-The Stork And The Cloud

  136. Distraction 101-Jesus Knows You’re Here

  137. Share A Smile-Spider

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