My Article Read (1-8-2016)


Cat Head, Newspaper

  1. 13 Destructive Mindsets That Will Stifle Your Growth in 2016

  2. Depth of Field #flowers

  3. Freezing Heart Haiku


  5. Hanging On ~

  6. Divine In The Twilight

  7. Hussein’s Own Mental Illness Has Frightening Consequences for Law Abiding Citizens

  8. Nuggets – A Marvelous Thing

  9. 10 lugares incríveis em Portugal que parecem saídos de um conto de fadas   (10 amazing places in Portugal that seem right out of a fairy tale)

  10. Can an Introvert be a Naked Christian? Yes, This Is Why

  11. Hillary Clinton told aid to send secure info through nonsecure system with no identifying heading

  12. Hard truth

  13. O’s slow drip lies bad for what ails you

  14. Quote Of The Day — January 08, 2016

  15. Texas Set to Defend Abortion Restrictions Before SCOTUS

  16. Obama: America’s Founding Fathers Were Conspiracy Nuts

  17. European Cookie Law, Meet Clickjacking

  18. I Call Shenanigans

  19. The Anchor of Hope

  20. Great Questions In the Bible-Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?

  21. Courtship Over My Cookies

  22. End Of The Year… A Recap

  23. Nisei in Alaska

  24. Original Sins?

  25. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  26. I didn’t have a stroke, but . . .

  27. His Glistening Words

  28. Let us also walk in the Spirit!

  29. Lisa Wingate Lone Star Café (A Book Review)

  30. Burma – The Smile of The Betel leaves.

  31. There is No Price Tag

  32. Benefits of Being a Bibliophile

  33. Formula for Success…

  34. No wonder people home school……….

  35. Stand By Me

  36. Tears of Love

  37. DON’T QUIT

  38. Friday’s Fiction

  39. The promise of “whosoever”: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  40. Repost: The Real Rich Mullins

  41. Shannara and Galavant!

  42. What Word are you speaking? yours or God’s Word?

  43. Gingerly Stumbling Out Of The Fog…

  44. Sympathy for the Devil in Cologne

  45. Lonely Author’s Secret Admirer Go Bananas

  46. Choose Your words wisely

  47. A Closer Look

  48. Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless

  49. 2016 Bucket List


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