Some Interesting Post To Read


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  1. Welcoming the New Year with a Foot High Coil of Fresh Italian Sausage…

  2. Irony: Anti-violence activists get in skirmish with one another at rally…

  3. Word of the Lord for 2016

  4. Things and People Trump Insulted

  5. ‘Global Warming Is Not the Problem.

  6. Quote Of The Day — January 02, 2016

  7. Wayne LaPierre (NRA) says a few things that Barack Obama should heed

  8. Nuggets – Maker and Owner

  9. Butterflies in the Snow

  10. THANK YOU!

  11. Devil Girl Diaries – 9 (The Attack)

  12. 2015 in review

  13. The Gift

  14. A Back Pocket God

  15. Neglected Caroline – 1/2/16

  16. Appreciate the Time

  17. 8 AWESOME Geek Sites You NEED to check out!

  18. The Six Top Performers

  19. Taking ownership of your life brings power to make needed changes. True freedom begins with reliance on God to guide this process and provide what you need.

  20. Meet and Greet 12: New Year’s Party

  21. A new year, a new start

  22. Somebody Go Make Tomassi some soup…

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