2016 – Just Another Year?

Jennifer's Soul Purpose, the Creative Spirit

 Let 2016 Count!

2016 is a couple of days old.

Now to put those new ideas into the mould.


Yet, many have quickly settled into complacency and fear.

“2016, so what, It’s going to be the same as last year!”


Whether you believe the year is man-made or not.

You have to pick a day to say, “No more of this rot!”


Be it the 1st January, a Kwanzaa date, or your own desired date.

Take a stand for your life and take a moment to rate.


Are you happy in your life, is there no more you can do?

Or are you disappointed with yourself for coasting along with no clue?


The point of re-evaluating your life is to make changes for the better.

To keep challenging yourself and not leave everything until later.


What are you waiting for? The longer you leave it, the…

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