My Article Read (12-22-2015)


Soldier, Man, Newspaper

  1. When The Devil’s Onslaught Comes At You 7 Ways

  2. 5 Simple Keys You Need to Use to Set Challenging, Attainable Goals

  3. You see what happens when you get stuck in a long relationship

  4. Share Your World – 2015 WEEK #50

  5. Distance

  6. Interesting: Obama’s reliance on Executive Orders will make it easy for a new President to erase his legacy…

  7. Turn the cameras!

  8. Stranger than fiction statements

  9. Happy first day of winter

  10. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  11. Quote Of The Day — December 22, 2015

  12. Obama Gets 10 Pinocchios For These Statements

  13. Obama’s DHS Told Whistleblower to “stand down.”

  14. Sam’s Club Donates to Terrorist Mosque

  15. Trust God-not man

  16. Jo’s Monday walk : Vaqueiros

  17. Who was responsible for Christ’s death?

  18. An Alaskan Christmas

  19. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Doors and Windows Continued

  20. On the 4th Day of Christmas

  21. The Book is out. Buy at Amazon and Win exciting prizes

  22. Momma, no tree stand?

  23. The Giving Season

  24. Mike Rowe delivers CRUSHING rebuke to Bernie Sanders (and a MUST-SEE photo)

  25. Hold On ~

  26. Report: Keeping Terrorists Out of America Violates Obama’s Deal With Iran…

  27. School reverses ban on prayer in cafeteria after students fight back

  28. Ho-Ho-Horror!: SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT (TriStar 1984)

  29. My Blogging Secrets

  30. Yahweh’s Son didn’t come to condemn!

  31. Elitist President Obama Back To Familiar “Bitter Clinger” Remarks Ridiculing The “Blue Collar” Middle Class…

  32. Define Christmas In One Word

  33. Are you too Busy this Christmas?

  34. Inspirational Song and A Message For Victims of Abuse: Touch The Sky

  35. O’ Lord of the lords, have mercy on us

  36. the true grit

  37. A Public Service Announcement From Bill Lumbergh

  38. Most Asylum Applicants Are Interviewed by Telephone. Feel Safer?

  39. How You Can Immediately Overcome Writer’s Block [37 ways]

  40. Night Visitor – Insect Photography

  41. Obama again inadvertently admits to being a Muslim

  42. Herbs for Healthy Heart

  43. The Great God Who Still Gives at Christmas

  44. Hey, Hillary, that ISIS recruitment video you were looking for has been found…just one problem


  46. The view from afar

  47. Israel transforma antiga lixeira em maior central de reciclagem do mundo   (Israel turns old trash in the world’s largest recycling center)

  48. Concern

  49. Do You Have A Case of Holiday Hiraeth?

  50. Roaming with Romans | Part 2


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