My Article Read (12-21-2015)



  1. Mourning Deeply Enough For Change

  2. Life in the Blood

  3. Goals: You Gotta Start Somewhere!


  5. Ways to Ignite Profound Commitment

  6. ovem clica sua bike em cenários inspiradores para retratar a paixão pelas magrelas   (ovem clicks your bike in inspiring scenarios to depict the passion for skinny girls)

  7. Things You Should Never Say to Your Husband….

  8. partakers of? – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  9. December!

  10. The Deep Snow

  11. Overwhelmed…

  12. Reuters/Ipsos Poll asks which Democrat is best suited to handle terrorism. The answer is hilarious.

  13. Drone owners names and addresses will be public in forced registration database…

  14. Expectation in the right Things


  16. Protestant and Catholic churches..the enemy within:

  17. Of course “racism”

  18. ‘Total control through “climate change.”

  19. Some beautiful music for the fourth Sunday of Advent

  20. Quote Of The Day — December 21, 2015

  21. Trump Names Pick For Vice President, It’s As American As You Can Get

  22. Hillary Goes Potty

  23. Sanders: ‘Call 911 if you see someone loading guns and ammo into a house’

  24. 14 Unusual Uses for Garlic


  26. Nuggets – Risen with Christ

  27. It’s Personal

  28. RINO Ryan Betrayal: CISA Is Now The Law: How Congress Quietly Passed The Second Patriot Act – List Of Accomplices

  29. The burden of proof…

  30. I really wish you were here with me

  31. A Star is Born Round VIII: the Preliminaries – The Proxy Performances

  32. Too late

  33. December Thoughts

  34. New Zealand – Moeraki Boulders

  35. Emotional Incest

  36. The Daily Post photo challenge: Gathering

  37. Do You Love Beauty?

  38. You Aren’t Fit to Lead Until …

  39. This Christmas

  40. What Motivates You?

  41. The Rut of Motherhood From Worshipful Living- Plus (The Rut Of Now What From Sarah)

  42. No Better Present ~

  43. Time is like a river – Franklin Graham

  44. A Tribute to Paper – Cool Stuff


  46. Defending the Champagne Socialist John Key is not what I want to do

  47. A Star is Born Round VIII: Imitation of Life

  48. Gift Idea?

  49. My soul wait only upon Yahweh . . . I shall not be moved!

  50. Report: Driver Plows Into Las Vegas Crowd 1 Dead, 33+ Injured…

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