Links To Some Uplifting Posts (12-19-2015)



  1. Reflections from a Giver

  2. Obituary Of Someone Else

  3. Listening at Christmas, and Always

  4. Rub a Loved One’s Back

  5. 16-Year-Old Football Players Protect Bullied Kids One Lunch At A Time

  6. Man Attacks Female Jogger Who Turns Out To Be A Federal Marshal

  7. A Single Mother Can’t Afford to Buy a Christmas Tree. What Would You Do?

  8. Small Deeds

  9. Loving Someone With Alzheimer’s

  10. The Unexpected Way This Grocery Clerk Brightened One Special Needs Mom’s Day

One thought on “Links To Some Uplifting Posts (12-19-2015)

  1. Reblogged this on CELONA'S BLOG and commented:
    lafayetteangel has being here from day one, supported Celona’s blog with gracious words of encouragement and always makes available “inked words” of inspiration from every angel.. massive blogger too 😉

    So I would doing reblogs on a platform where Expressions Meet Reality with a preferred style I tagged “ink on sheet”

    Anything Creative, inspirational, Motivational, with an attitude of laying Bare truth and raw emotions..
    Let stretch hands of support and love together.

    And if your preferred platform is facebook join us at #Okpere’s; Circle

    Please edit this post, and add ‘Celona’s Blog’ to your tag list and shoot the post again.. it helps you and me grow 😉


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