My Article Read (12-16-2015)


Man, Water, Newspaper

  1. The Power of Making Decisions

  2. Loss of Identity in Marriage

  3. Praying Through Revelation | Heaven Rejoices | Satan is Bound | The White Throne Judgment | Part 10

  4. Pods

  5. Nine months an Angel


  7. Vampire Academy Movie Review

  8. given unto us: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  9. Wow Trump Right Again – U.S. Admits Massive Vetting Flaw in Visa Entry of Terrorist…

  10. New Zealand – Penguins

  11. Obama compared Catholics to Muslims…

  12. The End of Prayer Shaming…

  13. It’s time for Jeb to drop out…

  14. Way to go, Vladimir.

  15.’re standing in it:

  16. Trump the Metaphor

  17. It’s the 242nd anniversary of the Boston Tea Party

  18. May your days be merry and bright

  19. Quote Of The Day — December 16, 2015

  20. Mom Doing Son’s Laundry Finds $9000 Surprise

  21. Japanese Diary on Kolombangara

  22. On The 10th Day of Christmas

  23. Because we can. Because we must.


  25. A simple message…..

  26. How do you catch up?

  27. Is That How You Blog?

  28. Best Trump Cartoon- Why he’s winning (so far)

  29. A Little Thought from Me to You….

  30. I’ll be seeing you

  31. Good News of Great Joy-Advent 2015

  32. The Eye of a Dog

  33. hope

  34. Casablanca. Hassan II mosque/ Meczet Hassana II

  35. All is lost…

  36. Beautiful Savior ~

  37. Tell All Tuesday Series: Parental Advice

  38. Ask Auntie Linda, Straight Talk from a Straight Shooter

  39. What Did You Accomplish Today?

  40. Yahweh is faithful!

  41. God speaks to us.

  42. Coffee

  43. For His Glory Christmas Quiz

  44. Hello, My Name Is… (A Story of Redemption)

  45. The Fool

  46. It’s A Snow White Christmas at Laguna Playhouse

  47. Basta’t Kasama ko si Kristo sa Araw ng Pasko

  48. Paradox.

  49. 3 New Ways to Dig Deep in Bible Study

  50. Forevermore – Davy Flowers – Worship Wednesday

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