My Article Read (12-15-2015)


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  1. Easter without Good Friday

  2. Current News Update

  3. Messiah’s Job Description – Savior, Christ and Lord – Part 2

  4. Three Things That I Want You to Know – 12/12

  5. New Times

  6. How to Become Remarkable by Violating Rituals

  7. Why I Believe 80% of Your Results Will Come From 20% of Your Actions

  8. Remembering the River

  9. It sure ain’t roses

  10. Twilight

  11. Meet Mr. 41%

  12. Let’s import some into NZ and Australia, shall we?

  13. O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

  14. A Brit’s Perspective On Our Candidates

  15. Finally, a BlackLivesMatter Ferguson rioter gets justice

  16. Norway: Hundreds of Migrants Arriving have Mobile Phones Containing Images of Executions, Severed Heads and Dead Children

  17. Putin and the Shaking of Nations!

  18. Saudi Prince who insulted Trump feels the burn

  19. Therefore : Miss Match: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  20. Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #63

  21. The Eyes Tell All

  22. Praying Through Revelation | Conclusion with A Warning |Part 11 of 11

  23. Uplifting Tuesday-Make A Difference

  24. Nuggets – Christian Metaphors

  25. All Scripture

  26. Trosa in coldness

  27. God Carries Us

  28. Call Me Catty…

  29. Yep !

  30. The Twelve Rules of Christmas 2015

  31. Better Farther On


  33. Obama Clarifies ISIS Strategy, Most Serious Stance Yet

  34. Donald Trump- Greatest campaign video ever

  35. we go again

  36. Something Good ~

  37. Flying Reindeer

  38. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  39. Set your minds on things above!

  40. Before the Force 2: George Lucas’ AMERICAN GRAFFITI (Universal 1973)

  41. So You Think You Know Christmas

  42. Voices In Our Heads

  43. Do’s and Don’ts of Goal Setting

  44. God’s Heart

  45. 1 Shocking Way to Be Successful at Getting More Blog Subscribers

  46. Don’t you just hate getting ideas in the middle of the night! #amwriting

  47. How To Get Motivational Stamina

  48. Religious Volunteers Receive 25 Percent of Government Loans Repaid from Refugees: Calls for Another 90,000 to US

  49. In silence

  50. King Solomon, Terrorist Strategy

  51. AS YOU WISH …

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