My Article Read (12-10-2015)


Hot News1

  1. Criticism and Abuse

  2. A Closet Full of Love – By Carmelene Melanie Siani

  3. Time for a change

  4. As We Are…..

  5. Why Should I Fear?

  6. In response to ‘Everything and Nothing’

  7. A Proverbs 31 Christmas – Quieting Your Heart, Week 3 Part 1

  8. Worry-Free Wednesdays: Life’s Journeys

  9. A Post Which Needs Writing

  10. 10 Reasons Why Americans Are EXTREMELY ANGRY – Deaf Dumb, and Blind

  11. Unbelievable: Democrats pushing legislation to allow immigrants easier access to relocate to the US

  12. Our real and unaccountable masters:

  13. O-Land:

  14. Rahm Emanuel cooked before the Christmas goose

  15. Quote Of The Day — December 10, 2015

  16. Support Rises For Trump Despite Call To Ban Muslim

  17. Congress up to vote on stopping Obama from taking over zoning laws

  18. Does God love Satan?

  19. How to be a Great Mentor

  20. Will You Save Me

  21. Digital Art – Light and Darkness

  22. Met no one but just the sad lonesome gale

  23. Wednesday’s Writings

  24. Closure and Reassurance

  25. Praying Through Revelation | The Lamb | 144,000 | The 3 Angels | Reaping | Part 7

  26. the Lord preserved David: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  27. today’s 3 am prayers: urgent and important for this time

  28. Pray against the Flesh eating disease in Syria

  29. Peace On Earth-Advent 2015

  30. Armed citizens summoned to homeland defense

  31. A shoddy defense, a cranky wide receiver, and Alan Jackson

  32. To life I say

  33. What Are The Odds?

  34. WHO AM I?

  35. Why I started banning people

  36. My Top 5 Christmas Movies By A Little R&R

  37. MY Body, MY soul

  38. How a Positive Approach Will Make Achieving Your Resolutions Dramatically Easier

  39. August 1943 (1)

  40. An Un-Christmas Carol | Bread for the Bride

  41. Confessions of a pastor’s daughter:Motivational Thursday

  42. Are You A “Scrooge?”

  43. Of Tar and Feathers, and Smoothbore Muskets

  44. Tipping Glasses

  45. We Are the Generation

  46. Going back to the beginning . . .

  47. King Solomon, Donald Trump, Pat Robertson, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Bill O’ Reilly

  48. God’s Word of Grace to Us

  49. Hey, It’s My Birthday!

  50. The man who didn’t give up

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