My Article Read (12-6-2015)


Extra Hot

  1. For A single Purpose 1 (Ruth) Preparation

  2. My Future’s So Bright, I have to Wear Shades…

  3. Motivational Quotes For Monday And An Update From Our Neck Of The Woods.

  4. How does a watchman hear God’s voice? (a testimony)


  6. Hymns of Nature

  7. The Write Way

  8. Stalking in Domestic Violence

  9. To Live Is Christ

  10. Is It Possible to Have Complete Trust in Something For Which There is No Proof?

  11. Second Sunday of Advent…

  12. Strange Stuff for Saturday…

  13. Donald Trump Meets The Notorious Diamond and Silk – Stump For Trump Duo

  14. Breitbart editorial:

  15. Obama’s “hateful” rhetoric

  16. Some beautiful music for the second Sunday of Advent

  17. Happy birthday, Christina

  18. Quote Of The Day — December 06, 2015

  19. Judge Jeanine Pirro: Single Deadliest Terror Attack Since 9-11

  20. Fmr. Rep. Joe Walsh Has a Stern Message for Loretta Lynch

  21. Prophetic Word for December 2015

  22. Sunday Respite – Advent – ‘Waiting in Silence’

  23. Three Things That I Want You to Know – 12/5/15

  24. Guns: Time to Call the Liberal Bluff?

  25. The Lord Be With You

  26. 10 Things You May Not Know About Me

  27. My precious child

  28. New Tech for My Travels‏ – Lander & Re-Fuel

  29. Julaftons fyr in cardboard

  30. The Key

  31. The Evil Intent of the US Anti-second Amendment Lobby

  32. Breaking: Knife Wielding Islamist Begins Attacking Londoners: “This is for Syria” (Video)…


  34. Dakota Dreams

  35. New Zealand – Glow worms & Caves

  36. Trump Presser: Watch What Happens When Reporter Calls Terrorists “Regular People”…

  37. God isn’t fixing this and that shouldn’t surprise us

  38. Random

  39. It isn’t Terror, It Is Horror

  40. Organize State, Local Militias to Defend Against Radical Islamist Assaults

  41. Conheça um dos arquipélagos mais incríveis do mundo   (Meet one of the most amazing archipelagos in the world)

  42. Tummy Trouble

  43. Let the Day Dawn

  44. CHRISTmas Isn’t About ~

  45. Hunger Games: Charlton Heston in SOYLENT GREEN (MGM 1973)

  46. Self

  47. Christ Paid It All

  48. For Christmas – A Spanish Christmas Carol

  49. Foot on the Devil’s Neck

  50. mightily grew the word of God: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

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