My Article Read (12-5-2015)


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  1. Hammy, it’s what’s for dinner

  2. Seeking God’s Counsel ~

  3. My Condolences

  4. Thoughts about Scary Stuff

  5. Today in Weird News

  6. You don’t need a reason to help people

  7. Reformation Sunday’s Bible Verses And Prayers

  8. The Huntsman On Watch – A Short Story

  9. This general kept winning just as God had promised.

  10. Série fotográfica registra a intimidade (e a espontaneidade) da menina mais fofa do Japão   (  Photographic series records the intimate (and spontaneity) sweetest girl Japan)

  11. Josh Earnest: Obama does think gun laws can stop terrorism…

  12. some quickies

  13. Brainwashing your children:

  14. Happy Caturday

  15. Eight things that work better than “thoughts and prayers”

  16. Quote Of The Day — December 05, 2015

  17. Political Correctness is killing us!

  18. Gun violence dropped significantly, gun ownership rises

  19. Save the planet…from Barack Obama

  20. Behind the Badge

  21. The Daily Opinion – Guns

  22. Happy Friday, I Need Your Help

  23. A Ministry with Signs Following

  24. CFFC: Buildings and trees

  25. Praying Through Revelation | The Book | Two Witnesses | Seventh Trumpet Blows | Part 5

  26. “Why? A Challenge to All Believers”

  27. FBI Officially Declares San Bernadino Attack an Act of “Terrorism”…

  28. You should be here

  29. Obama: “Don’t Worry About Refugees, They Don’t Radicalize Once Here”   (Satire)

  30. New Zealand – Hobbiton

  31. Call Congress! Now, Today and tomorrow! You are flooding them!

  32. Good in Thy Sight

  33. Pregnant water silently flow

  34. Thank The National Party for this atrocious abuse of process

  35. TSA Employees – 73 on FBI Terrorist Watch List: Banned Items – TSA Failed 67 Tests Out of 70

  36. 6 Ways to Quiet Your Heart When You’re Troubled By Time Warp Wife

  37. Inspirational Song For Today: I Need A Miracle

  38. Oh. Emm. Geeeeeeeeee!!!!

  39. Surprise!

  40. DriverUpdate VIRUS!

  41. When your brain needs a hug – Coffee! #survey

  42. Popularity Contests

  43. Six word Saturday

  44. 5 More Ways to Gain Blog Exposure!!

  45. Blogger Meet and Greet 11

  46. Christmas – I find it so hard to get into.

  47. Is it a firefly, a dew drop, a star or is it you

  48. An Unforgettable Star…

  49. Confessions of a pastor’s daughter: verse #5

  50. Christmas Tree 2015 December 5: Eartha Kitt Santa Baby


Left Over Articles

  1. 21 Awesome breakfast toast ideas

  2. Sunday’s Quote

  3. Peace . . .

  4. A Stunning Beauty from Papua New Guinea

  5. Maureen O’Hara

  6. The Lord Weighs Your Heart

  7. The Leadership Pursuit that Enhances All Others

  8. Conheça o abrigo habitado por animais de espécies diferentes que, surpreendentemente, se tornaram amigos    (Meet the shelter populated by animals of different species that, surprisingly, became friends)


  10. Lucille

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