My Article Read (12-2-2015)


Cat, Newspaper

  1. God is Light, Love, Life and Truth | Part 4 – 5 of 5

  2. Sticky Note From God 10.21.15

  3. Dying Sun

  4. Thursday’s Meditation – October 22, 2015

  5. Take the Time

  6. Street Photography Essay – Germany, Israel & Spain

  7. Sowing the Wind: Reaping the Whirlwind

  8. The Righteous Man

  9. Let’s give them something to talk about….


  11. Refugee Resettlement: Are you paying attention?…

  12. Defiance: Feds sneak seven Syrian refugees into New Jersey…

  13. The Desire of Ages

  14. About time! And it will spread……

  15. ‘Ol Remus:

  16. Moscow has no room for Soros

  17. Dear Father Christmas, I want a first-class ticket to Heathrow

  18. Quote Of The Day — December 02, 2015

  19. Trump Derangement Syndrome

  20. Ted Cruz: “The Overwhelming Majority of Violent Criminals are Democrats”!

  21. New Zealand – Silver fern

  22. Cracked Rear Viewer Reaches a Milestone!

  23. The Okpere Circle Defies the Impossible by Believing in it

  24. Taking Christ out of CHRISTmas ~

  25. Tell All Tuesday Series: Shopping Compulsion

  26. NYC Police Commissioner on 9/11/01 Confirms Trump’s Claim of Muslim Celebrations…

  27. Opinion – Public Breastfeeding

  28. Loneliness in Various Times and Seasons

  29. Forgiveness after betrayal

  30. Are You Saved?


  32. Så här jobbar Trosa kommun med ÖP    (So we work Trosa municipality with OP)

  33. I know it’s Christmas when…….

  34. CELONA’s DAILY 2/11/2015

  35. My Savior Died To Set Me Free

  36. 6 Things I Learned Over the Last Year While Losing 20 Pounds!

  37. Beer, Cigarettes and Satellite TV

  38. Saying Goodbye Isn’t Easy

  39. Loving Touch – By Trish Rohr

  40. Mary Did You Know

  41. Within 100 years, Christianity will be swept away

  42. A simple guide to planning a novel – Part 1

  43. Christmas Tree 2015 December 2: Kellie Pickler and Michael Bublé I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

  44. Wednesday’s Words

  45. Colors

  46. Down With Christmas!

  47. Just Because…

  48. Syria, Just War, Unlikely Allies, and a Bit More.

  49. Do You Believe in Karma?

  50. Confessions of a pastor’s daughter: versed day 2

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