My Article Read (12-1-2015)


Cat, Computer

  1. Would Jesus eat this?

  2. Broken body

  3. Neglected Caroline – 10 / 21 / 15 b

  4. Tagging Ain’t That Hard People!

  5. UAE-based Filipino photographer makes headlines in China

  6. What Do You Do To Make Your Home A Haven? Candles In The Home – Making Your Home Cozy

  7. Unpluckable ~

  8. VIDEO MB Obama Son Punk Arrested After Posting Video Showing Him Taunt, Assault White Homeless Woman – Black Kills Black Cop


  10. The Old Man

  11. How to blow a billion or more dollars in one easy step…

  12. Obama calls out Turkey for not controlling Syrian border; Turkey calls out Obama for not controlling Mexican border…

  13. CZ 452

  14. Pastor blasts Trumped black clergy

  15. The core of the Paris #ClimateConference is anti-capitalism

  16. Quote Of The Day — December 01, 2015

  17. A Night Vision of America

  18. Hillary Clinton’s Calendars show pay for play in the works

  19. Welcome December

  20. Rules of Engagement – A Star is Born Rd VII An Artists Collaboration

  21. Getting Back on the Horse

  22. Those Who Cannot Remember the Past Are Condemned to Repeat It

  23. Wait for hope to appear……

  24. Inspiring Quote for the Day

  25. New Zealand – Introduction

  26. Journal Entry 3

  27. Of Rollo Tomassi and Mammon Traps..

  28. Continually praise Yahweh!

  29. Have No Fear Of Perfection

  30. In Defiance of ISIS, Obama Filibusters at Paris Climate Talks   (Satire)

  31. When God Gives You What You Want By A Little R&R

  32. December 1st

  33. Sculpted From Books – Cool Stuff

  34. December 1st

  35. Music – The Twilight Sad

  36. Taking Blog Photos Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Try These 10 Easy Tips.

  37. “Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.” #amwriting

  38. Artista usa papel e muito talento para retratar o passado difícil do Camboja   (Artist uses paper and a lot of talent to portray the difficult past of Cambodia)

  39. Do Not Be Afraid

  40. Amazing Health benefits given by Tea

  41. Confessions of a pastor’s daughter:Happy New Month

  42. Echo in the Wind

  43. The Bricks of Grieving

  44. Remembering Meredith

  45. 10 Ways to Win with Your Control Freak

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