My Article Read (11-30-2015)


Cat Tail, Newspaper

  1. Don’t make God eat cigarette butts

  2. Sleep

  3. Sticky Note to God ~ 10.21.15

  4. Neglected Caroline – 10 / 21 / 15

  5. All God’s People – Broken Together

  6. Announcing Follow to Follow Directory!

  7. What You Have to Give Up to Be Successful

  8. Dear Congress, Choose Wisely…

  9. #Love Me Challenge : Learn To Love You – Day 7 -Something That Is Just For Me

  10. Satisfied by Blood – Kingdom of Heaven

  11. Climate Change protesters destroy Paris victim memorial…

  12. Who is this? The question that leads to ultimate truth..

  13. 46 Times President Obama told Americans ‘That’s Not Who We Are’


  15. Podlasie. Kraina otwartych okiennic / Land of open shutters

  16. Happy St. Andrew’s Day

  17. Quote Of The Day — November 30, 2015

  18. Bill Bennett: They will kill Trump before they let him be a president

  19. Obama’s Refugee Strategy Exposed

  20. A Word for December

  21. 14,000 ‘refugees’ due for deportation in Sweden have simply vanished

  22. Update on Personal Drama

  23. The road to success: A Winner’s attitude

  24. Obama Calls For Turkey To Close Syrian Border – Turkey Points To Mexico and says “Hypocrite”…

  25. Mission Possible

  26. Nuggets – The two scariest lies

  27. How to increase Blood Circulation

  28. The Fire Insurance Gospel

  29. Be A Blessing

  30. Children of a Narcissist Struggle

  31. President Almost Calls For More Gun Control After Cop Deaths   (Satire)

  32. What Are the Very Best Jokes about Aging

  33. Have more than one blog and link it?

  34. Right to Grow

  35. A Deserved Free Haircut for Good Grades

  36. It’s cronyism, not capitalism..!!

  37. July 1943


  39. Great Questions In the Bible-If a Man Die, Shall He Live Again?

  40. Moving Out – Penelope Leaves Home

  41. A Sun and Shield: 1. – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  42. Monday, Monday

  43. Dee Snider reveals why Trump gets okay to use Twisted Sister song ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’

  44. What Muslims think: and why do we care

  45. Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #61

  46. Guest Post – Questions you should never ask your husband

  47. On Being Salt and Light…

  48. CONVICTIONS LATELY 28/11/2015

  49. Dealing with a Control Freak’s Tantrum

  50. Hello It’s Me

  51. Praying Through The Book of Revelation | Part 1

  52. How can we expect God to heal what we are not willing to face?

  53. How can we expect God to heal what we are not willing to face?

  54. Artista cria série de retratos hiperrealistas que mais parecem pinturas   (Artist creates series of portraits that look like paintings hyperrealistic)

  55. Good bye November. Hello December

6 thoughts on “My Article Read (11-30-2015)

  1. Warning. I just messed up the LINK to my post here. # 9 The Love Me Challenge.
    I saw it and decided I wanted to UPDATE it and Re-schedule it NOT thinking that the link here would be messed up. I took off the Love Me Challenge Part. It is scheduled for 17:17 tonight.
    I am so sorry.
    Now, do I dare say THANK YOU FOR once again SHARING what I write?
    Happy December. Love Sarah

  2. Thank you kindly for adding me to your awesome list – I’m certainly in amazing company… 🙂
    Now I’m off to share and visit some of these other links. 🙂
    Thanks again and hope this week treats you well. 🙂

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