My Article Read (11-29-2015)


Cat Head, Newspaper

  1. The Last Man Standing

  2. Sticky Note to God ~ 10.20.15

  3. I could

  4. The Immortal Memory

  5. Wednesday’s Motivational Quotes – October 21, 2015- Plus My Ramblings ( Short)

  6. Fleet Caroline – 10 / 21 /15

  7. How to Develop Feelings of Curiosity

  8. False Witness?

  9. Tentacles

  10. Nuggets – Stewardship Among the Churches

  11. First Sunday of Advent…

  12. The invasion crisis, not a humanity crisis

  13. Some beautiful music for the first Sunday of Advent

  14. Happy Caturday — cat’s best friend edition

  15. Quote Of The Day — November 29, 2015

  16. “He Knows Nobody’s Gonna Stop Him”

  17. Time to Go On to Perfection!

  18. Sunday Respite – First Advent Sunday ‘O Come, O come Emanuel

  19. TARGET Corp Backs Radical ‘Equality Act’ (HR 3185) aka ‘Criminalizing Christianity Act’

  20. And Featured is…..

  21. Vídeo adorável: mamãe baleia e seu filhote nadam ao lado de mamãe golfinho com seu filhote   (Lovely video: mother whale and her calf swim alongside mother Dolphin with her puppy)

  22. Efulefu Business

  23. Madeira – trees

  24. Transition

  25. “Why Am I Here?”

  26. Our Stronghold ~

  27. That’s Blaxpolitation! 5: The CLEOPATRA JONES Saga

  28. Islam, Jihad, and our Ignorance

  29. Very Best of the Evening Jokes Just for You

  30. Every praise is to our God!

  31. Embracing Change

  32. Encounters – on Sale Now

  33. In the Country

  34. Quieting Your Heart For The Holidays – Week 2

  35. Christmas prep

  36. Inspirational Song For Today: EXHALE

  37. A Still, Small Voice

  38. Black Friday Brawls Breakout Around the Country

  39. I miss you so much

  40. How to Still Get Massive Blog Traffic From Pinterest


  42. Meeting Grace in Incurable Illness

  43. God’s Given Storage Unit

  44. King Solomon, Terrorist Suicide Bombers Part Two

  45. Muslim Refugees: The Great Replacement – Biggest Genocide in History

  46. To Understand France’s Jihadis, Look At Where They Came From

  47. Tchaikovsky

  48. School’s Out

  49. One day.

  50. Gossip

5 thoughts on “My Article Read (11-29-2015)

  1. You are amazing. Sharing more than one. I need to learn how to post them like you do with the titles shown and not the links.
    Then IF I Could just get WordPress and my computer to work together so I can post easily again, I’d have it made.

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