My Article Read (11-28-2015)

    Bulldog, Newspaper

    1. 10 Benefits of Eating Healthy

    2. Sticky Note to God 10.20.15

    3. World-class Filipino architect shines in Dubai

    4. 10 tough questions for Christians

    5. Dawlish Chronicles : Nelson and Hardy – the forging of a partnership

    6. Want to Share Your Book?

    7. All because of you

    8. Twelve Great Diet Excuses

    9. Surrounding Beauty – Poem

    10. The Underground Spring

    11. Signing off for Thanksgiving…

    12. Toyota recalls 1993 Camry due to fact that owners really should have bought something new by now

    13. Quote Of The Day — November 28, 2015

    14. Showdown Brewing Between Governors, Feds Over Refugees

    15. Happy Anniversary – 3 Years

    16. Who Are the Real Radicals?

    17. Obama threatens States ‘You can’t refuse Syrian refugees’

    18. Thank God

    19. What If The Turkish Shooting Of Russian Fighter Jet Was Also To Protect President Obama?….

    20. Unity of Father, Son and Believers

    21. Table Grace

    22. Praying Against the Spirit of Terrorism

    23. The failed rescue mission………

    24. If Your Blog Was a Resume

    25. Anybody lonely?


    27. Meditating on Death

    28. The Winners of The Big Four from Dive Inspire

    29. Pilot: NO Warning From Turkey – Russia is exacting its revenge on Turkey for downing a Russian warplane

    30. Cee’s Black & White photo challenge: Anything that flies

    31. Leader/Planner of Paris Attacks Mocked Stupidity of EU Open Borders Policy…

    32. Child of the world – Why Arab countries are not taking Syrian refugees

    33. Liberty!

    34. Inspirational Song For Today: Thank You For The Cross, Lord

    35. Papa John’s Benches Peyton Manning For J.J. Watts

    36. Careful Adults, We Are Watching You Grow!

    37. Water Down

    38. He Counted The Cost

    39. How To Make 1,406 People Look At Your Site in 1 Day

    40. What is the point of Twitter?

    41. 3 Areas of My Life In Need of Attention

    42. The Crusaders

    43. Casa minimalista onde cabem até 8 pessoas é perfeita    (Minimalist house where fit up to 8 people is perfect)

    44. King Solomon,  Terrorist Suicide Bombers Part One

    45. FILM LOVERS: Please Show Support For Baby Peggy!

    46. Water Slide Fun at Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort

    47. In Between

    48. She Has Grown Up – Goddess Penelope

    49. Egypt finds Gaza’s first iron attack tunnel

    50. Three dead in Planned Parenthood shooting

    51. If You Feel My Heart

    52. Paint on rocks and give them to friends

    53. The Liebster Award


    55. Fleet Caroline – 11 / 28 / 15

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