My Article Read (11-22-2015)



  1. Falling In Love With Jesus

  2. Ben Carson is a Creationist, Gasp!

  3. The Traits That Make Up the Real Vitruvian Man

  4. Artista transforma as ruas da sua cidade com divertidas figuras de LEGO   (Artist transforms the streets of your city with fun LEGO figures)

  5. Haiku #123

  6. They

  7. Nuggets – Stewardship Strength

  8. Cannot be taken from you

  9. Fleet Caroline – 10/19/15

  10. Hell’s best kept secret

  11. Feast of Christ the King…

  12. Rasmussen: 60% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the United States is at war with radical Islamic terrorism

  13. This is revealing of how others see our president

  14. Electoral Commission: get stuffed.

  15. WHY?

  16. Boycott the bastards

  17. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  18. Quote Of The Day — November 22, 2015

  19. Interpol: Armed Citizenry Best Way to Handle Terrorism

  20. Be Careful

  21. Cover Reveal for ‘Your Last Breath’

  22. MEDUSA

  23. Someone who was once there


  25. David’s Song | Part 1 / 3

  26. Can’t leave it alone – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  27. Greenhouse Wrapped Home

  28. Madeira – Hiking Paul da Serra

  29. ALERT: Anonymous uncovers ISIS plan to attack 7 cities TOMORROW…including this U.S. city

  30. Tearless Teachers Have Harmed Us

  31. You will keep him in perfect peace . . .

  32. Understanding The Evil

  33. Inspirational Song For Today: Not Guilty!

  34. Smallest Step

  35. Trosa Sweden in -7,9C/17,78F

  36. Absolute Baloney…

  37. Food Blog #TB | L’Europeen

  38. 71 Awesome Tips That Will Make Your Blog Successful

  39. Give Thanks In Everything

  40. Is It Too Early To Decorate For Christmas?

  41. Jesus Fact #3 – 8 reasons for the Empty Tomb.

  42. The River of a Poet

  43. Nuggets -Longing for the Word

  44. Fallacies Or Scams

  45. The Need For Contentment In Life

  46. Golden Oxytocin

  47. Lets be Thankful on Thanksgiving

  48. You Fear what the people think


  50. Love Everybody

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